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Thank you to Carma Spence for asking us questions about each question in our survey.

When you complete our survey (at the bottom of this page), you’ll gain valuable insights about yourself! Enjoy some FREE coaching AND learn more about our Masters program.

To get the MOST from this survey, listen to short stories about each question by clicking on the play button(s) below:

Introductions —
1 Career —
2 Ethics —
3 Gratitude —
4 Health —
5 Integrity —
6 Love —
7 Money —
8 Personal Development —
9 Personal Relationships —
10 Power —
11 Professional Development —
12 Professional Relationships —
13 Property —
14 Reputation —
15 Respect —
16 Self Esteem —
17 Self Respect —
18 Spiritual Development —
19 Time —
20 Wisdom —
Closing thoughts —

Worth is more than a penny, pound or peso.

The goal of Pay Me What I’m Worth is to re-awaken you to a more robust sense of worth well beyond what’s printed on paper (money, deeds, etc.).

Worth is also connected to you career, ethics, gratitude, health, integrity, love, personal development, personal relationships, power, professional development, professional relationships, property, reputation, respect, self esteem, self-respect, spiritual development, time and wisdom.

Take the time to answer these questions to explore your sense of worth on 20 life-defining levels.

  • No financial data required.
  • No names or email address required.
  • These questions offer insights on what our Pay Me What I’m Worth program is all about.
    • Only one question (out of 20) concerns money.
    • Our money question is about feelings versus numbers.

Heads-Up! If this survey seems like too much work for you, congratulations! You discovered an important fact!  That fact?  You’re not ready for what we have to offer.

Chapter 1: Who’s Worth It?

Chapter Overview: Play button >  

Chapter One:  Who's Worth It?

Masters Program: Chapter One: Who’s Worth It?

Are you?

(We hope you shout YES! to this question!)

Do you find yourself judging someone’s worth based on what you see?

Cars, clothes, jewels, homes, artwork, hair styles, regular dining haunts all play a part in how we display financial wealth. Do external, material possessions represent all you’re worth?

Gain deeper insights on how your physical material worth makes or breaks your ability to inspire others to want to pay you what you’re worth in time, money, respect, etc..

By the end of this chapter, you’ll know with out a doubt, the answers to these questions:

How do material possessions:

  • reflect your overall worth (reputation, respect, etc.)?
  • help or hurt your desire to feel worthy of love, attention, good health, etc.?
  • help or hurt your ability to show others how much you love, respect or appreciate them.

Get started today to understand how your material world helps or hinders your ability to live free from doubts, guilt, shame and worry.


Price?  49.00 a month

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Music: Continue Life by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Chapter 2: What Are You Worth?

Chapter Overview: Play button >  

Chapter Two:  What Are You Worth?Forget the calculator, statements and balance sheets.

This chapter explores how many skills YOU think you have.

With your list in hand, we’ll then explore what skills other people think YOU have! By the end of this chapter, you’ll discover without a doubt, all the many skills you have (or need) to grow your worth in multiple ways.

Register today to get a grip on all the many talents you currently have. We’ll verify and grow your skills list with three simple, thorough unique exercises.

By the end of this chapter, you’ll know with an amazing level of clarity:

  • what skills you think you have.
  • what skills others think you have.
  • a plan to polish skills you have.
  • a map to find the skills you need.

If your sense of self esteem needs a boost, complete Chapter Two: What Are You Worth? The more you KNOW yourself and your skills, the more likely you’ll attract people who’ll honor you for all your worth.


Price? $49.00 per month

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Music: Continue Life by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0