First six, then 20,736 ~ An Invite To Play Big!

Are you ready to play BIG in 2016?

Yes? Keep reading.
No? Really? 

Here’s what’s cookin!

Goals: By December 31, 2016, Pay Me What I’m Worth:

  • is at least 20,736 active members strong

  • with at least 10,000 paid instructors earning at least $500.00 per month for one year

  • with at least 1000 of those paid instructors earning at least $1500.00 per month for one year.

This achievable goal starts with YOU picking six people you seriously want to grow more happy, healthy, wealthy and wise with. 

Yes, you read that right. Six people!

Consider this invite to play big much like an invite to join a local Habitat For Humanity team.  Based on an old, successful time-tested technique (think barn-raising) currently at the heart of every successful crowd-sourcing opportunity (what’s old is new again – right?), when a few dedicated souls gather together to DO something, miracles happen.  Houses get built.  Families get homes.  Society wins in more ways than one.  True?

Okay Soul, get to the point will ya?


This post invites you to plant seeds that’ll add to (thus grow) a local to global grass-roots movement to awaken souls to their fullest sense of worth.

First and foremost, Mahalo nui-loa (thank YOU very much) for taking part in this movement by completing your one-year journey with Soul University.

Next, time to spice things up!  Time to PLAY BIG[GER] in 2016.



Step 1:  think of six people you sincerely wish to grow more healthy, happy, wealthy and wise with in 2016.

Step 2:  GIFT them (yes, give them) two printed copies of Pay Me What I’m Worth along with a personal letter. (Click to order books and get perks.)  In your heart-felt letter:

  • let them know how much they mean to you as well as your desire to enjoy a long, happy, healthy life with them.  Inspire them to accept your invite to join you on a powerful life-changing journey.
  • detail what this program has done for you so far. Be specific.  Be real while sharing your wit and wisdom.
  • suggest they gift their second book to someone THEY wish to to grow more healthy, happy, wealthy and wise with in 2016.  A perfect couples gift!
  • ask each giftee to simply READ one chapter per month.  Just read the chapter without actually diving into the exercises.  (Keep it simple.  Keep it fun.)
  • ask each giftee to connect with you for ONE HOUR a month to talk about a chapter.  A phone call?  Lunch?  Dinner?  Skype?  Figure out what works for all involved.

Step 3: Casually mention your next start date of a formal class at some point in your monthly connections (when you sense the time is right).  See who naturally jumps on the idea.  As more people discover the benefits of a more structured class start your class(es)!  (Get PAID to teach!)

That’s it!  Gift six people two books each.

Talk to giftees at least once a month.


Done with Phase One!


Ready for Phase Two? (Numbers & Payments)  Yes? (Click)

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First six, then 20,736 ~ Numbers & Payments


Imagine how you will feel when you KNOW you’ve helped over 20,000 people enjoy happier, healthier lives!

Let’s run the numbers, shall we?

1. You gift six people two copies of Pay Me What I’m Worth. (Click to jump to order & perks page.) Each giftee gives their second copy to someone they want to grow with as well. (Perfect couples gift!) 

  • Total people you touched 13
  • (You + 12 giftees)


2. At some point, you invite each giftee to do what you’ve done / do (think of six people to gift two books each and invite them along on this journey).

  • Total people you involved:  145 
  • You + 144 curious souls. (12X12=144)


3. At some point, you invite each person on this journey to do what you’ve done / do (think of six people to gift two books each and invite them along on this journey).

  • Total people YOU helped:  1,729 
  • You + 1,728 readers. (144 x 12 = 1,728)


4. As time goes by, you inspire every person on this journey to do what you’ve done / do (think of six people to gift two books each and invite them along on this journey).

  • Total people Y O U inspired:  20,727 
  • You + 20,726 explorers. (1,728 x 12 = 20,726)

SOUL!  Dang it!  You’re CRAZY!!  Do you REALLY believe I have enough hours in a month to talk to 20,726 people!  Really?

Get a grip Soul!

Um!  Wait a minute.  Where did we say YOU have to talk to every single soul you inspired to join our local to global grass-roots movement? 

Factoid:  Our FREE conference call lines handle up to 1000 people per call.  Soul’s capacity: 4-6 one-hour calls per day.

  • Daily capacity:  6,000 people.
  • Weekly capacity (five-days a week):  30,000.
  • Monthly capacity:  120,000.  
  • So, yes, you CAN personally touch 20,726 lives a month! Ready to play HUGE with us?



Reality check please!

1. If you choose to play big with us, you purchase 12 books to gift to six people.  We suggest you connect with these six people for at least one hour a month to chat about their ah-ha’s after (JUST) reading a chapter.  That’s it. All done!  

2. IF – and that’s a BIG IF – you choose to teach a class, you decide both class size and tuition fees.  Tuition fees reflect:

  •  your certification status
    • Uncertified? Factor in the cost of paying a certified instructor to co-pilot with you until you’re certified.
    • Certified?  Charge what you reasonably expect people to pay you to include referral fees.
  • Referral fees – the way we financially practice gratitude to our teachers – paid to:
    • your teacher (the person who is teaching (or taught) you. Fees determined by each teacher.
    • Soul University (Kindly consider at least 5% of net monthly class fees. Waived when Soul is your certified teacher.)  Your contributions are 100% applied to launching CareGiver LifeLine®.
    • Fees apply to every class you teach.

3.  The benefits of teaching what you learn – simultaneously – are amazing!  Besides earning an income, you learn more about yourself, one ah-ha, one oh-no at a time! (The BEST teachers are students at heart!  Right?)


That’s it!  Gift six people two books each.

Talk to at least six people at least once a month.

MAYBE teach a class to SUPER-CHARGE your learning experience!

Done with Phase Two!


Play Big

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