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Aloha!  Soul Dancer here.  Since 2006 when Soul University published this workbook thanks to TV, technology (web-radio, YouTube, video and telephone conference calls), workshops, retreats and seminars over 275,000 people have experienced wows, ah-ha’s, oh-no’s and more as they work their way through this workbook.  To grasp the depth and breadth of 33 unique exercises spanning ten chapters I suggest you pick one of the four following options: 

  1. schedule 32 minutes to listen to our on-demand talk-radio show:  Pay Me What I’m Worth (203 pages in 32 minutes) Get ready to be amazed!
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  3. For all hard-core students, binge-listen (as time permits) to a 52 week life-changing journey with Team Clarity or Team Seekers.
  4. Want a short n’ sweet ride?  Our Confidence Cast discovers just how much confidence blossoms in just over two months (13 classes).

When you’re ready to discover a more healthy balance between giving and receiving (by discovering and engaging life-changing tools offered in this workbook) – pick a product below you sense is right for you.

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