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5 Days 5 Ways To Prevent Worth Decay Series

Worth decay?  What is that?

You know what tooth decay is. If you ignore caring for your teeth too long, you’ll be in pain one day.

Worth decay is similar to tooth decay.  Ignore how your sense of worth decays for too long and you’ll experience pain for more than a day.

Step One:  take a taste-test of what we’ll cover in class by listening to each of these shows:

Monday, discover how every passing day makes you worth MORE not LESS!

Tuesday,  physical or emotional abilities – making the best of what you have – right now.

Wednesday, how do beliefs block an ability to receive more with less doubt, guilt, shame or worry.

Thursday, cultural norms influence our sense of worth in often invisible ways – what are these invisible ways?

Friday, how does education help or hurt your sense of worth?

Step Two:  Join us in class Monday through Friday nights to take what you learned in the series above to a much deeper level.

We connect:

  • LIVE by conference call each night at:
  • recorded / online – anytime!  Once registered you’ll gain access to our conference call recordings and our online, members only classroom space.

Step Three:  Registration Cost? $25.00

(Includes both live conference call access as well as access to download recorded calls.)

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