Chapter 7: Pricing The Priceless

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Pricing The PricelessPricing The Priceless.

What are priceless moments?

Being born? Loving someone? Being loved by someone? Breathing? Seeing? Hearing? Touching? Tasting? Experiencing a blissful or sacred moment? Learning something new about yourself based on all sorts of hard work? All priceless, or are they?

They say there’s a price for everything. Is there?

Time to explore the price we pay for what we think is priceless. Complete this chapter to:

  • discover how we’re paid what we’re worth – daily!
  • explore three timeless guidelines to FULLY honor someone’s worth (on many levels) with ease and grace.
  • learn ways to end suffering, one day, one thought, one person at a time.
  • know the difference between gratitude and gratuity.

Everything has a price. Complete this chapter to discover how to spend time, money, attention, etc. (what you have), wisely.


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