Chapter 8: Performance Based Contracts

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Performance Based Contracts.Performance Based Contracts

What contracts do you live by – daily?

Are you aware of the thousands of contracts you abide by each and every day? What are those contracts? How do these contracts support or diminish your worth? What contracts do you make with yourself to succeed and grow?

This chapter shows you the value of a simple, short performance based contract. By the time you finish one simple exercise, you’re ready to create concise, short contracts.  Time to dissolve stress and ignite passions to succeed!

  • End worrying by co-creating something to reduce unpleasant surprises.
  • Feel inspired more often than not by KNOWING what to expect when you do you best.
  • Walk on solid ground even when things seems crazy and unpredictable.

When life seems out of control and lethally stressful, what do you do? Complete this chapter to take solid steps to enjoy a more productive, happy, healthy life.


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