Chapter 4: When Are You Worth It?

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When Are You Worth It?

When Are You Worth It?

Reality check!
Time or Money?

Which is more lucky to have?

Do you have to choose between these two? While it’s true that history is our teacher, the question is, how much have you paid to learn the lessons you’ve learned.

In this chapter, we tap into two of the most powerful tools we have: perspective and planning.

By the end of this chapter, you’ll see:

  • how to identify reoccurring themes from major life events.
  • ways to engage themes to your benefit.
  • what you can do to dissolve barriers to success.
  • how to enjoy more luck with ease and grace.
  • where to apply more (or less) time or effort to experience success on many levels.

Life is short. Time is one gift worth spending wisely.  Complete this chapter to enjoy – more fully than ever before – every minute you have.


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