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AnnaAnna Banguilan

My SiteFacebookUniversal Energy Radioemail • 404-890-5238

Branding and Marketing Coach, Artist, Graphic Artist, Creative Director, entrepreneur with 26 years experience in Graphic Design, Print & Promotions with a concentration on textile printing and branding on and off line.

I help others create stuff!

Certified life coach, Reiki Master practitioner and Founder of Universal Energy Radio. (I like to talk!)

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THANK YOU Soul and Confidence Cast!! I realized that I am making quicker decisions, based on my confidence and value and paying others what they are worth (that was a major shift because I like wholesale, I think it’s my Filipino side.)

I just had an example of this: I have a rather large project for The University of HILO (thought you would like that Soul), I decided I wanted the best team to help me so I reached out to a person who does this amazing work. I have worked with her before and helped her when she asked, she said I could name my price.

Hmmmmm… Instead of picking a random number and thinking how can I make MORE $, I looked at comparable projects, gave her a price based on this info, I was so happy to be able to “pay her what she is worth” (and I am still making $) The best part is, she is handling half of the project and I KNOW it is in the BEST hands! I SOOO thought about ALL I have absorbed in the time we all have been working together and it IS a pleasure to get paid AND pay others what they are worth!!

(My friend is quite happy too… she says THANKS!)

CDCyrstal Drzewiecki

Isagenix FacebookVitacost email • 920-217-8284

Good ole corn-fed, home-style cooking, polka dancing, cheese-head, world-traveler, lifestyle and nutritional coach here to share with you my transformation.

Currently, I’m in a transitional stage in my life. Transitioning from graduate school to opening my own private practice with my soul-mate, Rob. My practice helps others live a pain-free, healthy life full of gratitude happiness, and fulfilled dreams.

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FeyfantIsabelle Feyfant


I walk my talk as a life transformation coach.I grow daily along with my clients.Little did I know how my journey of constant struggle steeped in fear of success, doubt, etc., would become the best thing that ever happened to me!

I look forward to learning more about you as you learn about me in this show! Be sure to keep in touch by connecting with on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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SaraSara Lainez


Sara has a passion to help victims of abuse. Her message,”I want you to know that you’re not alone, it’s not your fault, it’s going to be ok and that the pain and suffering you’ve had is not going to control your life.”

She is working toward opening a counseling center in Las Vegas.

Fluent in Spanish and English.

Sara lives in Las Vegas while obtaining her American citizenship after emigrating to the USA.

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¡hola! Sara here . . . This radio show has been one of the most valuable and scariest things I have done! Learning my self worth and gaining confidence is PRICELESS. I’ve noticed since reading this life changing book that I stand up taller and the tone of my voice has changed. I am not arrogant or conceited, just aware that I am of great value to other people if they allow me to share with them what I have learned in this unforgettable journey.

Thank you Soul from the bottom of my heart for such a delicious experience and to the other cast members for being part of my life!

tempElaine Julia O’Malley


Born in Washington DC. Grew up in the suburbs of Northern Virginia, where I still reside with my husband and Down Syndrome brother. After much success and surviving continual layoffs in the Telecom industry for 23 years, the axe finally fell on me.

I decided it was time to reinvent myself and pursue a new line of work. No longer wanting to be held hostage in the corporate world, I decided to become an entrepreneur and hang my own shingle.

I believe it’s important to pursue an opportunity that would help others and give something back for the good fortune that has always been mine.

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SouderJase Souder

My SiteFaceBook-JaseFacebook-Hypnoemail

Jase believes we are made for greatness and to make a difference in the lives of others. To help to that end Jase created a training program known as The Prophet Factory.

As Jase puts it: “Your mission is my mission!”

Jase’s 8 books includes four works focused on the communication and sales process. Jase is an expert on influence, and the sales process including negotiating, personality types, NLP, reading body language, and closing techniques.

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VonMonica M. Von

FacebookYouTubeemail • 702-249-9331

Greetings ;)!!

Exploring different cultures is my passion, but, what makes it super fulfilling is giving back. This is why I combine the two to create a lifetime experience!

I can shake up your next vacation and add an event that changes lives.

Join me on my next Giving Adventure!

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YoungStuart Young


Stuart is the author of How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time.

He runs his own business in the UK.

He’s a part time abstract artist.

Stuart’s passion is to help people get clear about the changes they need to make and how to make them.

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Update: To be honest when I joined the group I thought I was pretty confident and I’d be able to contribute quite a bit. What I’ve learnt is that I AM confident in some areas of my life, but that doesn’t mean I’m confident in ALL areas of my life. This book and journey has opened my eyes to how and where my confidence resides. How to increase it where I need to, and how to help others recognise their own confidence or lack of, in themselves. I can honestly say that Soul has joined the long list of people I will call: Teacher. If anyone reading this has listened to any of the shows and is considering whether they might join the next group – leave a comment here for Soul – you’ll be glad you did. Thanks Soul – truly!

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In gratitude I bow to everyone who takes time to learn, laugh and grow.


Soul Dancer
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PWRNetwork Radio Confidence Reality Series
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