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Annual Holiday Blues Busters Series

Navigate the holidays (and every day after) with far less stress and much more joy!

What are you doing Tuesday nights?    Every Tuesday night through March 28, 2017 join Soul (author of Pay Me What I'm Worth) on LIVE talk-radio for a one-hour class. Our class series explores and expands your sense of worth well beyond  finances!  Results?  Too many to list here.  One definite result (based on a decade of feedback)  is increased confidence - personally and professionally.
  • After each class is recorded we'll create a unique YouTube video.  Share this inspiring content in your social network feeds!
  • The video description includes a Program Guide. Each Guide includes clickable links to your site (if you're in that show).
  • Future listeners may contact show guests directly. GREAT way to build new contacts (followers, fans n' friends).
  • Click to register for this series today.