Are you paid what you’re worth? Yes or no!

In August of 2006 we (Soul University)we asked a basic question . . .

Are you paid what you’re worth?

Most people’s answer?  No – they’re NOT paid what they’re worth!  Why?  Simple! Too much doubt, guilt, shame and worry in daily life.

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Chapter 1: Who’s Worth It?

Chapter Overview Chapter One: Who’s Worth It? Are you? (We hope you shout YES! to this question!) Do you find yourself judging someone’s worth based on what you see? Cars, clothes, jewels, homes, artwork, hair styles, regular dining haunts all play a part in how we display financial wealth. Do external, material

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Chapter 2: What Are You Worth?

Chapter Overview  Forget the calculator, statements and balance sheets. This chapter explores how many skills YOU think you have. With your list in hand, we’ll then explore what skills other people think YOU have! By the end of this chapter, you’ll discover without a doubt, all the many skills you

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Chapter 3: Why Are You Worth It?

Chapter Overview Is it worth doing ONLY what you LOVE doing? If you love what you’re doing in life, and wish to take things to the next level, GREAT! Get ready to take that step. If you DON’T LOVE what you’re doing, but believe you can love it at some

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Chapter 4: When Are You Worth It?

Chapter Overview When Are You Worth It? Reality check! Time or Money? Which is more lucky to have? Do you have to choose between these two? While it’s true that history is our teacher, the question is, how much have you paid to learn the lessons you’ve learned. In this

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