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Bring this book to life! Join readers everywhere as they explore their worth on multiple levels. With over a decade of amazing success, we KNOW the secret-sause to this success are our study groups. Our workbook is often too challenging to do alone! To help every reader get the most out of this workbook, check out this site. Explore what works for you. Work independently while listening to our audio and video's? Start a study group? (We'll pay study-group leaders by the way!) Join a study group? (Apply today for our next class.) Remember to also visit our talk-radio station - Pay Radio! Dive deep into each chapter with other students taking this journey.

10 Years ~ 250K+ Lives

Pay Me What I'm Worth


Ah-Ha's & Oh-NO!'s

Attention all past and present readers . . . Version 2.0 of this workbook happens on August 28th 2016. Click this link to send us your story about what's happening for you since you completed the exercises in this book. If we receive your story by July 1, 2016, we MAY publish your story in version 2.0!