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Cheryl and Rik here!

Thank you for visiting our page! We welcome to the first step to the new you! As certified instructors we seek to share our experience of transformation with you. We invite you to take a journey of a lifetime with us.  Sounds rather grand -right?  We’ll based on what we experienced, grand is an understatement!  Listen to our interview below to hear first-hand just what grand journey awaits you!

Let’s get to work! Yes?

We completed a course everyone needs to know about. This course focuses on gaining and maintaining a balance between giving and receiving in all life aspects.

How’s your balance between giving and receiving?

By taking this year long class we learned to recognize and acknowledge our worth. This awakening is helping us receive more blessings in our lives. The transformational process of this journey brought balance to us. We’ll share how we found our balance by offering you the same opportunity to learn and grow with us.

Are you ready? 

Then click this link to download a detailed program guide.  This program includes:

  • a powerful coaching series to re-awaken of your sense of worth on multiple levels
    • a conference call / class a week
    • at least one hour a week in virtual classroom and forums
    • optional calls based on team needs
  • dramatically increased sense of balance between giving and receiving by learning how to stop doubt, guilt, shame and worry
  • a pdf and printed copy of Pay Me What I’m Worth
  • team page (like this one) to share your journey with family, friends and Pay Radio listeners.

Next steps:

Step 1:  Click to download our course program guide. This guide provides detailed information on both what you’ll learn, class terms, costs and conditions. (While reviewing our guide, take notes.  Have your notes at hand for our intake call – step 3 below.)


Step 2:  Sample a few of our actual classes. 

  • Click to listen to classes based on chapter content.
  • Right-click to save (download) any .mp3 file to a local player.
  • Listen to shows while on the run. Stream audios with iTunes, Stitcher or Overcast.


Step 3:  Call us at 808-982-4871 for a 30 minute intake interview. We’ll review:

  1. questions to determine if you’re ready to commit to a team effort.
  2. dates that we’ll offer our next class.

Our specific class time is determined by team members once we’re all on board.

Goals concept in word tag cloudRecap:

  • Our team size?  10 – 15 pre-screened, qualified people.
  • Day / time?  TBD. 
  • Class focusing on realizing and receiving your worth in every aspect of life!
  • Ground rules to create a safe, fun space to grow and learn.
  • Learn to eliminate doubt, shame, guilt and worry to live a happier, healthier life.
  • Classes suited for business, personal, couples and families, helping building stronger relationships through personal growth.

We look forward to taking this journey with you.

Cheryl & Rik

Pay Me What I Am Worth: Say it. Mean it. Get it! | Certified Instructors: Cheryl & Rik’s Pay Me What I’m Worth Program