Chapter 3: Why Are You Worth It?

Chapter Overview

Chapter Three: Why Are You Worth It?Is it worth doing ONLY what you LOVE doing?

If you love what you’re doing in life, and wish to take things to the next level, GREAT! Get ready to take that step.

If you DON’T LOVE what you’re doing, but believe you can love it at some point in time, you’ve created a fiction.

Dissolve such fictions with the exercises in this chapter. Discover what you’re called to do. By the end of this chapter, you’ll know:

  • the dangers of getting caught up with comparing yourself to others.
  • how to actively use (and never overdraw) your wisdom bank.
  • how to avoid common mistakes associated with taking shortcuts to success.
  • how to take progressive steps to grow you ability to balance receiving with giving.

When it’s time to take steps to discover or enhance what you LOVE to do, get this book to explore Chapter Three: Why Are You Worth It?

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Exercise 11: Who Else?
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