Meet Team Clarity

Christina Ervin (Team Lead); Chelsa Ervin, Marsha Sortino, Julia M. Colon, Patty Anderson

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2 thoughts on “Meet Team Clarity

  1. PMWIW is such a wonderful adventure. After my mom died I thought that I would die too. I sat down and waited for death but it didn’t come. It took me about 7 years after she died that I remotely felt like I could live and breath again. Mom has been gone for over 9 years now and I finally want to take care of myself again. I want to live my best life and care for myself as my mom would have wanted. Thank you to Soul and Pay Me What I’m Worth for guiding me to a better life.

    1. Wow Chelsa! Know I bow deeply in gratitude to you for all your hard work! I’m blessed and honored to know you as well as witness your renewal! Absolutely amazing!

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