Chapter 5: How Worth Grows

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How Worth GrowsHow Worth Grows

Turn your address book into a treasure chest!


Ever heard the term relationship management? Your worth grows based on the types of relationships you develop with both yourself and others. How much or how long your worth grows depends on the ethical steps one takes to create long-term rock-solid relationships.

Complete the exercises in this chapter to build a powerful base of relationships.  Allow these relationships to support your growth in many ways. Once you complete FOUR common-sense exercises within this chapter, you’re well on your way to:

  • sorting out how to co-create mutually beneficial relationships.
  • releasing relationships that prevent you from achieving success
  • creating decades of supporting connections to support growth on multiple levels.
  • work smarter NOT harder.

Imagine life with less drama, guilt, shame, worry and doubt! Discover how to achieve this life, step by step with this chapter.

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Chapter Five: How Worth Grows
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Exercise 16: Sort, Update & Master
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Exercise 17: Ask First, Act Second.
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Exercise 18: Start Now
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Exercise 19: S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Goals
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Exercise 20: Worth Passport Page 5
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3 thoughts on “Chapter 5: How Worth Grows

  1. After sorting and sifting for this exercise I realize everything I have is me and makes up me. Most of my possessions are crafting items and ingredients for projects, that’s who I am and what I love to do. The things that draw that wonderful creative energy out of me into existence. This gave me a good feeling, knowing that I was sharing my gifts with the world.
    I also saw that throughout my life I have been a responsible person that others would enjoy having as a friend even after 50 years. This gave me a good feeling as I know how many others have passed under the bridge.

    I am still working on the mastering part of the exercise. As in the rest of my life I feel there is always more I can learn, although I always do everything to the best of my ability in an attempt to master each thing.

    • Mahalo Cheryl! Are you noticing how the more awake and aware we become, the more mastery happens as a side-effect? Meaning, the more I allow myself to release my inner chaos-committee chatter, the more I’m able to be fully me simultaneously allowing others to be fully themselves? With less cesspools of doubt, guilt, shame and worry to feed my chaos committee comprised of my inner judge, critic, perfectionist, controller, etc. – mastery simply happens. Did that make any sense?

      • Yes, absolutely! I have noticed that in becoming aware, seeing my own quirks and releasing the old chaos committee that I am not as hard on myself and as you say am able to “allow others to be fully themselves”. Much nicer this way!

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