Help Wanted! Paid Position @ $2,500 per event.

How many people do YOU (or someone YOU KNOW) thought, mumbled, said or SCREAMED:

PAY ME WHAT I’M WORTH! 10? 50? Everyone?

Question 1: Do you know people who want to be paid what they’re worth? Yes?

Question 2: Would an extra $2,500.00 – cash – help?

Question 3: When do you want to be paid this? Now? Fine! Let’s get busy then!

When will we talk about co-creating a powerful weekend event?

To get started ponder who you think would enjoy a powerful weekend workshop experience.

What will you tell them about this workshop? Good question!

  • continue reviewing this page for all sorts of insightful details.
  • OR CALL Soul directly at 312-268-0000 and LEARN in 30 minutes what to share to inspire souls to register for this unique experience.



Three questions EVERYONE asks:

How much? All depends on what you think people you connect with – will pay. You know your connections better than we do. Often, this event starts at $299 per person.

  • At registration time, people pay $150.00 to secure their seat.
  • Based on a minimum of 30 registrations.

When will this workshop happen?

  • Depends on when you inspire 30 (or more) people to settle on a date.
  • How soon do you want to earn $2500?
  • We’ll work together to schedule an event as quickly as possible.

Where will this workshop happen?

  • You select a location based on what you have available in your area.
  • We prefer non-hotel places like townhouse or condo community spaces.
  • Keep this cost down so that we can offer rates people can afford.

What’s the workshop about?  Click to download a two-page tri-fold brochure – that’ll we’ll personalize for you.


We support you every step of the way! How?

We’ll do a few highly interactive questions and answers conference calls scheduled at times that work for you.

WebpageWe’ll create YOUR customized web-page to include:

  • YOUR recorded questions and answers conference call.
  • personalize registration buttons (the more quickly people pay their tab, the more quickly we’ll pay you).

trifoldcustomized tri-fold brochure (click to download a sample brochure) – also embedded on your web page.As you can see! We’re 100% ready to support you! We’ll coach you along the way.We’ll know within if YOUR event is possible in less than two weeks! (No need to prolong the process!)

Call us any time to explore more at 312-268-0000.

I look forward to talking to you!


Pay Me What I Am Worth: Say it. Mean it. Get it! | Help Wanted! Paid Position @ $2,500 per event.