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Worth is more than a penny, pound or peso. The goal of Pay Me What I’m Worth is to re-awaken you to a more robust sense of worth well beyond what’s printed on paper (money, deeds, etc.). Worth is also connected to you career, ethics, gratitude, health, integrity, love, personal development,

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Survey Insights

Thank you to Carma Spence for asking us questions about each question in our survey. When you complete our survey (at the bottom of this page), you’ll gain valuable insights about yourself! Enjoy some FREE coaching AND learn more about our Masters program. To get the MOST from this survey, listen to

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Virtual Classroom

Click on links below to access forum(s)… Tip: compose comments with a text application.  Save often.  Copy / paste comment into comment box(es) in the discussions linked below. Ground Rules Exercise 1: Pay Me What I’m Worth Ground Rules Preface Exercise 2: Personal Contract Exercise 3: Questions, Comments & Concerns   Section...

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