Rick Sanford Review

Souldancer is an extraordinarily creative guide whose wisdom and integrity has been cultivated in service to others. Through leadership, coaching and personal relationships, he invites people to discover their own wisdom and integrity so that they may chart the course of their own lives, confident in themselves and their potential.

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Kendall T Review

Souldancer is a window of truth, shining light on all he sees. He is a clear and succinct speaker, bringing a share of heaven down to earth with his words in the form of story, metaphor and his ability to hold open space for personal epiphany. Through our interactions, he

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Marcello B Review

Souldancer has tremendous insight and the ability to communicate and prepare individuals to face change. His candid discussions and conversations have challenged me on many levels and assisted me in helping myself. From a business standpoint, Souldancing provides a conduit to really understanding core issues and challenges and co-creating a

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