Chapter 7: Pricing The Priceless

Chapter Overview Pricing The Priceless. What are priceless moments? Being born? Loving someone? Being loved by someone? Breathing? Seeing? Hearing? Touching? Tasting? Experiencing a blissful or sacred moment? Learning something new about yourself based on all sorts of hard work? All priceless, or are they? They say there’s a price

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Survey Insights

Thank you to Carma Spence for asking us questions about each question in our survey. When you complete our survey (at the bottom of this page), you’ll gain valuable insights about yourself! Enjoy some FREE coaching AND learn more about our Masters program. To get the MOST from this survey, listen to

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Exercise 24: Ethical, Timeless Guidelines

Team Clarity Members: Class Team Seeker Members: Class Which of the three guidelines suggested in Exercise 24: Ethical, Timeless Guidelines do you: think is easy yet seems hard to do find the easiest to do plan to use more often going forward Before you post a comment in the comment box below, compose...

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