Paula Gregorowicz Review

  In his Pay Me What I’m Worth book and series of coaching, Souldancer will get you to crack out of your preconceived box of what you think is possible and what really IS. If you seek a compassionate and inspiring expert to help you help yourself so you can

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Rick Sanford Review

Souldancer is an extraordinarily creative guide whose wisdom and integrity has been cultivated in service to others. Through leadership, coaching and personal relationships, he invites people to discover their own wisdom and integrity so that they may chart the course of their own lives, confident in themselves and their potential.

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Eddie Dinkins Review

  Soul is an expert organizer, a talented presenter, a media master, and an overall creative force. He is extremely reliable and has made a large impact on my life. The guidance and coaching is highly beneficial, and a huge side benefit has been his introduction of the Isagenix cleanse

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Vincent Nelson Review

Soul Dancer is a truly remarkable consultant that guides each client to focus one’s energies and abilities to better themselves. Call it Life Coaching, I would like to call it Life Changing. With compassion, empathy and guidance he has helped me to discover my inner strengths and various skill sets

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Terry Anderson Review

Soul and I met at a unique workshop on the mystical island of Moloka’i. He has a sparkling personality and a stimulating array of interests. Soul’s quiet encouragement and guidance helped me gain the self-confidence I needed to steer my life in the right direction. Terry Anderson

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