Juan Cerda Review

If you’ve been looking for that ultimate breakthrough in your life, then you’re in the right place. I’ve spent 25+ years in Corporate America and have gone through a multitude of training programs. I also have a bookshelf full of self-help/improvement books and programs. These programs coupled with my own

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Rick Sanford Review

Souldancer is an extraordinarily creative guide whose wisdom and integrity has been cultivated in service to others. Through leadership, coaching and personal relationships, he invites people to discover their own wisdom and integrity so that they may chart the course of their own lives, confident in themselves and their potential.

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Kendall T Review

Souldancer is a window of truth, shining light on all he sees. He is a clear and succinct speaker, bringing a share of heaven down to earth with his words in the form of story, metaphor and his ability to hold open space for personal epiphany. Through our interactions, he

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Exercise 6: Worth Passport® Page 1

Team Clarity Members: Class Team Seeker Members: Class After completing Exercise 6: Worth Passport Page 1, what are a couple highlights from your first page in your Worth Passport?  Post these highlights in the comment box below. As you review previously posted comments, click the reply link to add your thoughts as...

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