The birth of a book, a journey and a cause!

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4 replies on “The birth of a book, a journey and a cause!”

I am so glad you decided to write your book!! By reading this book in a mastermind setting in classes you provide, I am discovering more about myself now than ever before. With heartfelt thanks, Marsha Sortino

Aloha Marsha! Wonderful! We’re delighted you’re enjoying your adventure as both a student (and teacher)! We’re one of the FEW personal, professional and spiritual development master-mind courses that PAY you to learn about yourself. We look forward witnessing your blossoming for some time to come! In gratitude we bow to you for all you do!

Aloha Brejetta, most kind! Thank you! Equally important in this adventure is your willingness to allow us ALL to learn from YOU! Thank you for agreeing to be with us! Your wisdom plays an important part in our learning journey! We look forward to hearing / seeing what you have to share based on decades of first-hand experience!

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