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Pay Me Potluck Programs

What happens when you combine:

  • a delightful, delicious potluck party were new and renewed friendships enjoy connecting at heart to heart levels
  • a FUN, ah-ha inspiring Pay Me What I’m Worth workbook workout session
  • a Bingo-style rewards program where you’ll earn cash for being the host of a party!

you get a Pay Me Potluck Party. (Yes, you get PAID to host a party.)

AND! Like Bingo, SOME lucky people win cash prizes too.

How much will we pay you?

How much will people win?

The “how much” question YOU decide. (See, we practice what we preach from the moment we start this program.)

Three steps to get your party started!

Step One
Ask people questions like:

  • I’m learning how to be paid what I’m worth at a fun potluck party, want to join me?
  • What would life be like for you if you were paid what you’re worth? Share with them that, “I’m learning how to get paid what I’m worth AND getting paid to learn. You want in?”
  • [make up your own questions that feel right for you]

OR – click to download an example of a flyer to hand out / post around. (Flyer in Word format so you can edit / customize it.)

Step Two
For people who want to join the party – invite them to your next party (you determine the day, time, location). Be sure to let them know this party includes a book that everyone is using to do some really cool, powerful games. Point them to this site to help them pick out which kind of book (e-book or printed) they want.
Step Three
Remember to follow-up with reminders. Remind them to bring:

  • a dish to share.
  • their cards (if they want to do some networking).
  • beverages (suggestion: for clarity – and safety sake, maintain an alcohol-free space).
  • $20 for party expenses, guest speaker fees and cash prize drawings.


Step One
First hour:

  • Eat! Drink! Socialize!
  • Create some fun mixers to help folks get to know each other.
  • At about the 45 minute mark – start ‘ringing the bell’ for round 2.
Step Two
Second hour:

  • Invite people to form small groups.
  • Do a quick round of intro’s.
  • Get Soul Dancer (the author / guest speaker) on a speaker phone, skype, U-Stream session, etc.  (We’ll work with you to help you pick which way works best.)
  • With Soul’s help, get into some part of Pay Me What I’m Worth with the goal of learning something new and useful.
Step Three
Third (final) hour:

  • enjoy some decadent deserts.
  • make plans for the next party.
  • award CASH PRIZES!

Step One
Get Paid

  • Pass around a hat (or plate or something fun) to collect $20 from each person. (We can process a card transaction if needed.)
  • Suggestion: use 50% of total amount collected for the cash prize (if you take more – you risk offending people).
Step Two
Award Prizes

  • Ask who brought the MOST people to this event.
  • Ask who has a birthday closest to that day.
  • Be creative to award at least two or three prizes!
  • Set aside some funds for some kind of grand-prize drawing every few months.
Step Three
Award Facilitator

  • Share what you sense is appropriate with Soul Dancer, who helped you create and co-facilitate this event.
  • Explore who else may be up to hosting their own potluck event.

Step One
Next Steps? Click the button above to explore some FREE stuff – info on what is Pay Me What I’m Worth all about.
Step Two

Connect with us:

Call us at 312-268-0000 or click to email us to explore how best to get started.

Step Three
Have FUN! We’re all about co-creating lively, FUN events where you’ll learn more about who you are – with ease and grace!