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Soul University ongoing Job Fair – Interview Step 2

Step 2: Tell everyone you know you plan to take a class called Pay Me What I’m Worth. When they ask what’s it about . . .

  1. based on what you heard from listening to a class you thought how amazing it would be to take this class together.
  2. ask potential class mates these three questions:
    1. Are you paid what you think you’re worth?  Yes or no!  Be blunt!
      • If they answer YES (highly unlikely) – say – that’s awesome!  You don’t need this class.
      • If they say no – ask the next question:
    2. Do you want to be paid what you’re worth?  (Who’d say NO to that question! Right?)
    3. When they say YES to wanting to be paid what they’re worth, ask them WHEN?  (The third question is) WHEN do you want to be paid what you’re worth?

When they say NOW – say . . . “Let’s DO this!”

Have them write this URL down (text or email it) …

Next question you’ll get? How much! Right?

  • Be straight-up. Tell them you would not have asked them to join you in class if you sensed they couldn’t afford it.  Cost. $225.00 a month for 12 months. Get real with them!  Most likely they spend $50.00 a week on beverages (coffee, cocktails, etc.), snacks (that morning bagel adds up), etc.
  • Feel free to switch topics at any time. Those who aren’t ready to grow will come up with all sorts of excuses. No pushy sales please.
  • When invitees ask when classes start say they start when you (meaning – you – the person reading this page) register.
    • Tell people you plan to register within the week.  Class day and time determined by group consensus.
    • Classes will start two weeks after you register. (We need time to get registrants their books, etc.).

Next? Step 3 – Get Organized

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