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Soul University ongoing Job Fair – Interview Step 2


Step 2: Tell everyone you know you plan to start and host a book club that’s also a personal, professional and spiritual development event.  This book club comes with extra bells and whistles!

The book? Pay Me What I’m Worth.

The bells and whistles?

  • secure online classroom packed with dozens of documents club members use any time, any where to dive more deeply into workbook content.
  • on-demand down-loadable audio files of actual book club discussions and classes.  Each .mp3 file brings workbook content to life with (often) mind-blowing ideas / discussions.
  • access to other readers around the world!

When they ask what’s the book is about ask them this question:  “How do you define your sense of worth?”

Based on their answer (often money focused) ask them:  “Is that it?  What else defines your sense of worth?”

More often than not folks just don’t think about how they define their sense of worth.  This book club dives deep into re-awaking your sense of worth on many levels:

  1. Personal
  2. Social
  3. Emotional
  4. Professional
  5. Financial
  6. Spiritual

Next question you’ll get? Does this cost anything?

Get real with them! Most likely the people you talk to spend $20.00 a week on beverages (coffee, cocktails, etc.), snacks (that morning bagel adds up), etc.  Start spending $20.00 more wisely!

  • Feel free to switch topics at any time. Those who aren’t ready for this book club will come up with all sorts of excuses. No pushy sales please.
  • When invitees ask when the book club starts offer them the dates / times YOU set!

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