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Soul University ongoing Job Fair – Interview Step 3


Step 3: Soul University provides paid book club members access to our online tools.

  1. Tool one: a customized (for your book club only) set of Google docs for members to use any time, any where to dive more deeply into workbook content.
  2. Tool two: access to our online members-only Virtual Classroom where members converse with other readers (via comment posting) from around the world.

To-Do 1: Ask book club members to email us a copy of their purchased book receipt (if they ordered anywhere else but here).  We’ll create access to our two online tools at no charge to you.

To-Do 2:  Email us a list of club members (first/last name and their email address).  We need to know who’s in your club to create a set of private, secure Google Docs.

To-Do 3: We’ll email you with a document to send to your members with instructions on how to access their customized, secure online tools.

When you inspire 10 people to join you in your book club – you’ll earn:

  • $200.00 an hour for hosting a one-hour monthly book club event.
  • more as your club grows.

Next? Step 4 – Get Paid

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