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Soul University ongoing Job Fair – Interview Step 4 – Get Paid!

Step 4: When you inspire 30 (or more) people to join you in class (at $80.00 per month):

Call us at 312-268-0000 to let us know you passed our interview!  You pass our interview when 30 (or more) people are ready, willing and excited to start class.


To get paid:

  1. Soul University will pay you based on the terms we agree to in writing in your signed Independent Contractors Agreement (ICA).
    • During our phone call we’ll review our ICA to ensure you understand terms, conditions, payment schedules, etc.
    • We’ll then email you a completed ICA – ready for your signature.
    • Once we receive your signed ICA – we’ll ask you to email your team with a link to register.
      • Send us a list of people you expect to register (names / email addresses).
      • Follow-up with people to ensure they registered within a certain time frame.
  2. Soul University’s registration process is easy – just click this link!
  3. Soul University will pay you on or by the 30th of each month (after we collect payments from your team).  To get paid be sure you have one of the following payment options ready to receive funds:
    • PayPal.Com – will take longer to transfer to your bank account (because you’ll have to remember to log into Paypal to do the transfer). If you have no bank account no worries!  Apply for PayPal’s free debit card.  Use PayPal’s debit card just like a bank debt card.
    • Google Pay – once set-up properly our payment will automatically be transferred to your bank account.
    • No bank account?  PayPal declined your PayPal debit card application?  No worries.  We’ll send you a pre-paid gift card for service or site you use – like Amazon.Com.

Final Steps: Organizing and starting classes.

  1. Soul University will email each person a link to download a .pdf copy to read while we post them a printed copy of Pay Me What I’m Worth.
  2. Soul University hosts one conference-call class a month. Date / time?
    • Team sets the weekly  day and time that works for both their certified teacher and the team.
    • all calls / classes recorded (link to recording available to registered members).
    • all calls / classes aired on Pay Radio (after professional audio editors remove ah’s, ums, you-knows, repetitive points and stuff folks just don’t want aired in public).

Why do we go to all this effort to broadcast your class?

  • to share their stories with the world. Listeners will experience all sorts of ah-ha’s too!
  • to help those you hold near and dear to you keep up to speed with the changes you’re making on multiple levels.
  • Soul University will create a Team page (like this one) to help radio listeners connect directly with you and your team members.

When we hire you – you access so many perks – perks no other program offers at no additional expense. The increased visibility is worth thousands in advertising dollars alone!


We look forward to working with you! 

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