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Soul University ongoing Job Fair – Interview Step 4 – Get Paid!


Step 4: When you inspire 10 (or more) people to join your book club you’ll earn at least $200.00 to host / facilitate a one-hour book club once a month.

To get paid ask your book club members to pay YOU directly!  Here’s a few ways to collect:

    1. PayPal.Com – PayPal offers a number of ways to collect payments for you. You’ll have to remember to log into PayPal to transfer funds to your bank account. If you have no bank account no worries! Apply for PayPal’s free debit card. Use PayPal’s debit card just like a bank debt card.
    2. Google Pay – a handy smart-phone, desktop and tablet way to pay. Book club member payments are automatically transferred to your bank account.
    3. Cash or checks for local folks – right?
    4. Do you have a smart-phone?  Register for SquareUp. Swipe or enter card payments via your phone.
    5. Do you have a website Register for Stripe. You’ll need an SSL certificate to securely process payments.

We look forward to helping your earn extra income by helping others learn, laugh and grow.

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