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Meet Team Clarity

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Christina Ervin
Christina Ervin Team Lead
Marsha Sortino
Marsha Sortino
Chelsa Wells
Chelsa Wells
Julie Colon
Julia M. Colon
Patty Anderson
Patty Anderson

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Click on an episode to listen to a class.  Stream audios with iTunesStitcher or Overcast.

Episode 1: Setting The Stage Episode 14: Mentor Mirrors Episode 27: Mental Laundry Episode 40: Ethical Planning
Episode 2: Road Map Episode 15: Mentor Due Diligence Episode 28: Forgiveness Ah Ha’s Episode 41: Ethics Upgrade Results
Episode 3: Ground Rules Episode 16: Mentors Get Real Episode 29: Meaning/Continuity Episode 42: Thankful Or Grateful?
Episode 4: Divine Choice Episode 17: Worth Timeline® 1 Episode 30: Priceless? Really? Episode 43: Earned Wisdom
Episode 5: Prepare To Receive Episode 18: Worth Timeline® 2 Episode 31: Gratitude 101 Episode 44: Gratitude Or Ego?
Episode 6: My Stuff Part 1 Episode 19: Worth Timeline® 3 Episode 32: Pay Guidelines Episode 45: Gratitude Reflections 1/2 
Episode 7: My Stuff Part 2 Episode 20: Worth Timeline® 4 Episode 33: Price Priceless Episode 46: Gratitude Reflections 2/2 
Episode 8: Big Ah-Ha’s & More Episode 21: A 10 Year Plan?! Episode 34: Opportunity Costs Episode 47: Ground Rules Integration
Episode 9: Discount Sabotage Episode 22: Integration 101 Episode 35: Contracts Overview
Episode 10: Skills Blindness Episode 23: Quality Relationships Episode 36: Personal Contracts
Episode 11: Skills V. Talents Episode 24Growing Pains & Gains Episode 37: Social Contracts
Episode 12: Ripe History Lessons Episode 25: Six Month Report Episode 38: Ethics V. Morals
Episode 13: Unblocking Dreams Episode 26:  Forgiveness 101 Episode 39: Words V. Deeds

Colon: March – September 2015.  Anderson:  March – October 2015.

On-demand talk-radio worth listening to!

One thought on “Meet Team Clarity

  1. What can I say!! I am biased! Team Clarity rocks!! I ought to know since I am a student in this team!!

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