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Meet Team Seekers

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Team Caption: Marsha Sortino, Brejetta Tally, Carl Davis, Cheryl Ryser, Chris Peeters, Cindy Ashline, David H. Paul, Doug Dority, Kareem Maize, Moneta Kienlen, Rik Rodriguez, Shirley May, Tonya Heathco

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Week 1: Intro & Overview Week 14: Explore V. Analyze Week 27: Sort, Update & Master Week 40: PCB’s & More – Oh My!
Week 2: Agreements Week 15: Leadership Exercise Week 28: Ask first. Act second. Week 41: PCB’s Lessons Learned 1/2
Week 3: Explore More Week 16: More Aware / Confident Week 29: Work Smarter Versus Harder Week 42: PCB’s Lessons Learned 2/2
Week 4: Diplomas & More… Week 17: Falling In Love – Again Week 30: Karma 101 Week 43: Ethics Made Easy
Week 5: Treasure Hunt 1/3 Week 18: Worth Timeline® Prep Week 31: Mental Laundry 1/2 Week 44: Ethical Foresight 1/2
Week 6: Treasure Hunt 2/3 Week 19: Worth Timeline® Steps 1-8 Week 32: Mental Laundry 2/2 Week 45: Ethical Foresight 2/2
Week 7:Treasure Hunt 3/3 Week 20: Worth Timeline® Steps 9-17 Week 33: Forgiveness Upgrades Week 46: Ethical Lessons Learn
Week 8: Treasures Found Week 21: Worth Timeline®  Ah-Ha’s! Week 34: Pricing The Priceless Week 47: ‪Gratitude Guidelines‬
Week 9: Public Skills Week 22: Worth Timeline® Explore Cycles Week 35: Gratuity? Gratitude? Week 48: Thankful or Grateful?
Week 10: Personal Skills Week 23: Worth Timeline®  Results Week 36: ‪Timeless Guidelines‬ Week 49: Earned Wisdom
Week 11: Skill Tally Time Week 24: Plan To Be Lucky Week 37: Priceless Price Check! Week 50: Tipping Point?
Week 12: Skill Ah-Ha’s Week 25: Getting The Big Picture Week 38: Meaning?  Continuity?  Week 51: Journey Reflections 1/2
Week 13: Compare Dare Week 26: How Worth Grows Week 39: Performance Based Contracts Week 52: Journey Reflections 2/2

8 thoughts on “Meet Team Seekers

  1. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is the gift of self-worth, a knowing that God always makes good. Since God made me, I am good.

    That knowing, the gift of self-worth, is what we explore as we get tune-in, tapped-in and turned-on to living life with compassion, clarity and inspired action in the course: Pay Me What I’m Worth.

  2. It’s amazing that I learn more about myself and others as I do the exercises in the book, Pay Me What I’m Worth. And in class, well the discussions, are refreshingly stimulating. I like that we are learning and not being lectured. Feels so awesome to be real and alive.

  3. I’m honored to be surrounded and supported by such a delicious variety of personalities as together we explore and build our self worth. With each moment that passes, I feel that in Team Seekers, I have found a home. With every moment I spend in Pay Me What I Am Worth, I feel more whole and complete. I become tapped-in and turned-on to living life with compassion, clarity and inspired action in the course: Pay Me What I’m Worth.

  4. If you are wanting to make a positive change in your life and business. Pay Me What I am Worth is a great program that has helped me grow as a person.

    1. And we continue to grow more and more!

  5. Team seekers looks awesome we are gonna rock this thing!!

    1. Gonna? You already are! True?

    2. Yes ! Kareem-Great Team we have!

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