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Meet Team Seekers

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Brejetta Tally
Carl Davis
Cheryl Ryser
Chris Peeters
Certified Instructor

Cindy Ashline
David H. Paul
Doug Dority
Kareem Maize
Certified Instructor Certified Instructor

Moneta Kienlen
Rik Rodriguez
Shirley May
Tonya Heathco

Marsha Sortino

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Marsha Sortino
Team Captain &

Certified Instructor

Week 1: Intro & Overview Week 14: Explore V. Analyze Week 27: Sort, Update & Master Week 40: PCB’s & More – Oh My!
Week 2: Agreements Week 15: Leadership Exercise Week 28: Ask first. Act second. Week 41: PCB’s Lessons Learned 1/2
Week 3: Explore More Week 16: More Aware / Confident Week 29: Work Smarter Versus Harder Week 42: PCB’s Lessons Learned 2/2
Week 4: Diplomas & More… Week 17: Falling In Love – Again Week 30: Karma 101 Week 43: Ethics Made Easy
Week 5: Treasure Hunt 1/3 Week 18: Worth Timeline® Prep Week 31: Mental Laundry 1/2 Week 44: Ethical Foresight 1/2
Week 6: Treasure Hunt 2/3 Week 19: Worth Timeline® Steps 1-8 Week 32: Mental Laundry 2/2 Week 45: Ethical Foresight 2/2
Week 7:Treasure Hunt 3/3 Week 20: Worth Timeline® Steps 9-17 Week 33: Forgiveness Upgrades Week 46: Ethical Lessons Learn
Week 8: Treasures Found Week 21: Worth Timeline®  Ah-Ha’s! Week 34: Pricing The Priceless Week 47: ‪Gratitude Guidelines‬
Week 9: Public Skills Week 22: Worth Timeline® Explore Cycles Week 35: Gratuity? Gratitude? Week 48: Thankful or Grateful?
Week 10: Personal Skills Week 23: Worth Timeline®  Results Week 36: ‪Timeless Guidelines‬ Week 49: Earned Wisdom
Week 11: Skill Tally Time Week 24: Plan To Be Lucky Week 37: Priceless Price Check! Week 50: Tipping Point?
Week 12: Skill Ah-Ha’s Week 25: Getting The Big Picture Week 38: Meaning?  Continuity?  Week 51: Journey Reflections 1/2
Week 13: Compare Dare Week 26: How Worth Grows Week 39: Performance Based Contracts Week 52: Journey Reflections 2/2

July – September 2015: Doug Dority, Moneta Kienlen

8 thoughts on “Meet Team Seekers

  1. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is the gift of self-worth, a knowing that God always makes good. Since God made me, I am good.

    That knowing, the gift of self-worth, is what we explore as we get tune-in, tapped-in and turned-on to living life with compassion, clarity and inspired action in the course: Pay Me What I’m Worth.

  2. It’s amazing that I learn more about myself and others as I do the exercises in the book, Pay Me What I’m Worth. And in class, well the discussions, are refreshingly stimulating. I like that we are learning and not being lectured. Feels so awesome to be real and alive.

  3. I’m honored to be surrounded and supported by such a delicious variety of personalities as together we explore and build our self worth. With each moment that passes, I feel that in Team Seekers, I have found a home. With every moment I spend in Pay Me What I Am Worth, I feel more whole and complete. I become tapped-in and turned-on to living life with compassion, clarity and inspired action in the course: Pay Me What I’m Worth.

  4. If you are wanting to make a positive change in your life and business. Pay Me What I am Worth is a great program that has helped me grow as a person.

    1. And we continue to grow more and more!

  5. Team seekers looks awesome we are gonna rock this thing!!

    1. Gonna? You already are! True?

    2. Yes ! Kareem-Great Team we have!

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