Chapter 1: Who’s Worth It?

Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – Novelist, scientist & philosopher (1749-1832)

Chapter Overview 

Chapter One: Who's Worth It?

Who’s Worth It?

Are you?

(We hope you shout YES! to this question!)

Do you find yourself judging someone’s worth based on what you see?

Cars, clothes, jewels, homes, artwork, hair styles, regular dining haunts all play a part in how we display financial wealth. Do external, material possessions represent all you’re worth?

Gain deeper insights on how your physical material worth makes or breaks your ability to inspire others to want to pay you what you’re worth in time, money, respect, etc..

By the end of this class, you’ll know with out a doubt, the answers to these questions:

How do material possessions:

  • reflect your overall worth (reputation, respect, etc.)?
  • help or hurt your desire to feel worthy of love, attention, good health, etc.?
  • help or hurt your ability to show others how much you love, respect or appreciate them.

Starting now, it’s time to understand how your material world helps or hinders your ability to live free from doubts, guilt, shame and worry.  In the comment box below, which of those four human antics do you wish to be free of first?



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3 replies on “Chapter 1: Who’s Worth It?”

In beginning the process of going on a Lost Treasure Hunt to find my Physical and Material Worth, I found something really interesting bubbling up.. An warm, appreciative feeling of Gratitude for everything I own, everything I have own and giving away and everything I am receiving. The follow thought has been my mantra, “I have more than enough to live and more than enough to give.” And so it is.

When I first started this process, I was thrilled at being able feel again and understand what true worth is. My material world does not define me. Yesterday was my mother’s birthday and when I think of all she has given and done for me, my heart swells with joy and gratitude as I know there is no amount that could replace this gift of her unconditional love and wisdom beyond.

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