Chapter 6: You Get What You Pay For!

“We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow – US poet (1807-1882)


“You can ask forgiveness of others, but in the end the real forgiveness is in one’s own self.”

Maya Angelou – American poet (1928-2014 )

Chapter Overview

You Get What You Pay For!

Have you ever mumbled you get what you pay for?

Ready to discover ways to dramatically reduce (if not end) situations where you feel bad because someone took advantage of you? Even better! Ready to NEVER take advantage of anyone else! (Remember! What goes around COMES around!)

This class prepares you to do some mental laundry.  It’s time to wash away feelings of being used – yes? By the time you complete our unique exercises, you’re well on your way to:

  • discover how you set yourself up to be taken advantage of.
  • learn how taking advantage of others comes back to haunt you – many times over.
  • use an ancient, powerful practice (forgiveness) to release shame, doubt, guilt or worry.

The more clean and clear our minds are, the less likely we’ll be taken to the cleaners. With this class, you’ll learn how to get what you pay for!

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Chapter Six: You Get What You Pay For
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Exercise 21: Laundry Time
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6 replies on “Chapter 6: You Get What You Pay For!”

My.. As with every recording this is one that I needed to review. Did it take me back to many times when someone said to me “You hurt me!” “I don’t like the way you made me feel”, etc… and I found myself apologizing many…times and trying to make up for how they were feeling. I never realized that I was hurting myself and not forgiving myself based on what they said. I actually felt worthless. I had to take time these last few moments to just forgive myself for allowing how they felt make me feel worthless. As if I was lucky to have them in my life. I felt that I was being taken advantage of. I remember feeling bad and doing everything within my power to feel forgiven.
End result: They never let me forget how I hurt them.

This call awakened me to staying true to myself, and how they feel is their CHOICE. Not mine. If I have to change how I truly feel, or who I am am to make them happy, then where is my self worth. How am I benefiting from this and being true to me? Answer: I don’t.

In the past I had a consciousness about being compassionate to others because I realized that at times I was harsh with my words. However, I now realize that it was my own doubt, guilt, shame and worry I chose to carry in my heart and mind. Not theirs.

Yes I will have disagreements with others. However, I learned that I can be compassionate during the discussion, but not apologetic about how I feel and what is true and real to me. Being compassionate and true to myself is my worth!

There will always be critic and judges, but the worst critic/judge is when I judge myself. I now realize that doubt, guilt, shame and worry will creep in if I’m judging myself based on what someone said or did. I am actually creating something within myself that doesn’t exist.

Wow Julia, seems like Exercise 21: Laundry Time – inspired some serious washing. You’re in touch with the reality that forgetting something leads to an eventual reckoning – right? Your reckoning with doubt, guilt, shame and worry sets the stage for self-forgiveness at profound levels. True?

As we learn in this chapter, our preferred mental laundry detergent is called Forgiveness. Right? While it’s tempting to save time? money? respect? and use the off / discount brand known as Forgetfulness – when we do try that shortcut, it comes back to bite us. Right?

Excellent work here Julia! Keep up with your laundry to maintain a spotless sense of self 😉

Many years ago I was taken advantage of, since then I have learned to be more diligent and try to cover my bases as to not let this happen again. I know that I do not like being taken advantage of and thus do not do it to others. It does not make for good relationships nor a good way to have repeat customers if you are in a business. I find that if I give others respect that I able to have more respect for myself.

Insightful observation Cheryl. You get what you pay for is directly aligned with that old saying, ‘what goes around . . .’ – right? As I reflect on times where I thought someone was giving me a ‘good deal’ – and I received it – I actually got taken! The lesson learned? To always under promise and way over deliver. I’d much rather enjoy a reputation of being generous than anything else ehh?

Ch 6: Worth Passport

This month has been defined by an exploration and release of a belief that has manifested itself often in my past. This exploration started even before I delved into exercise 21, with the uncovering of a very old, very familiar behavior pattern. That pattern of behavior came with an old, stinky, limiting belief.

As I delved into exercise 21, exploring all of those old patterns around times I got paid what I’m worth (or not) and times I paid others what they were worth (or not), I notice that same belief popping us inside the repeated behavior patterns.

At one point in this exploration, I wrote “I’m loving how this pattern is going to just stop happening, because I now see through the illusion of my ego and judge.” So, how did that happen?

I’ve discovered again, as I have several times over the years, the freeing power of Forgiveness. My fresh, clean laundry came back from the Divine cleaners with the following…

I now forgive myself at all levels of consciousness, across all space, time and dimension and release myself completely into the custody and care of my Divine inner guide. As I now look beyond the story (the illusion of myself as a separate me who creates patterns and beliefs), I sense a wellspring of peace, love, ease, balance, is-ness… whole and complete… requiring no thing for its perfection.

I have deliberately avoided bringing up that old belief and those old patterns, because I no longer intend to manifest those behavior patterns and have release that belief in loving service to me an everyone else.

Wow David! How awesome is this! To re-awaken to a reality of unconditional love – ever-present! Knowing we’re unconditionally loved, always, releases us from the act of forgiveness. True? We’re already forgiven given the fact that lack of forgiveness = conditional love. How’s that for a brain / ego twister!

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