Chapter 7: Pricing The Priceless

“Surely there comes a time when counting the cost and paying the price aren’t things to think about any more. All that matters is value – the ultimate value of what one does.”
James Hilton – English novelist (1900-1954)

“There is no duty more obligatory than the repayment of kindness.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero – Ancient Roman orator & statesman (106 BC-43 BC)

Chapter Overview

Pricing The Priceless

What are priceless moments?

Being born? Loving someone? Being loved by someone? Breathing? Seeing? Hearing? Touching? Tasting? Experiencing a blissful or sacred moment? Learning something new about yourself based on all sorts of hard work? All priceless, or are they?

They say there’s a price for everything. Is there?

Time to explore the price we pay for what we think is priceless. In this class, we’ll:

  • discover how we’re paid what we’re worth – daily!
  • explore three timeless guidelines to FULLY honor someone’s worth (on many levels) with ease and grace.
  • learn ways to end suffering, one day, one thought, one person at a time.
  • know the difference between gratitude and gratuity.

Everything has a price. Time to discover how to spend time, money, attention, etc. (what you have), wisely.

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Chapter Seven: Pricing The Priceless
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Exercise 23: Gratuity? Or Gratitude?
Team Clarity Class
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Exercise 24: Ethical, Timeless Guidelines
Team Clarity Class
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Exercise 25: Worth Passport® Page 7
Team Clarity Classes 1, 2
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2 replies on “Chapter 7: Pricing The Priceless”

I would say that my ability to receive has gotten better, but has not evened out with my ability to give. Through this chapter I have been able to understand the concept of giving and receiving being one in the same. I intend on thinking of this in every exchange I make during the day in an attempt to finding balance. Looking for the giving and receiving balance in every transaction should help raise my awareness and help me be able to realize if I am out of balance and be able to correct myself more easily.

WOW Cheryl! Your desire to explore the art of balance within the nature of giving and receiving provides powerful teachers. One of the most difficult lessons I continue to dance with is an awareness that just my being – is enough. To balance this awareness with our species mentality to judge another based on how many bricks they make – a trait enforced from our earliest training – shakes perspectives up a bit. True?

Granted, many belief systems practice some sort of beingness. Example: Sunday to be a day of rest. One out of seven days to rest. Who made-up that rule ehh?

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