Chapter 8: Performance Based Contracts

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”
Chinese Proverb

“One should always play fairly when one has the winning cards.”

Oscar Wilde • Irish Dramatist, Novelist & Poet (1854-1900)

Chapter Overview

Performance Based Contracts.

What contracts do you live by – daily?

Are you aware of the thousands of contracts you abide by each and every day? What are those contracts? How do these contracts support or diminish your worth? What contracts do you make with yourself to succeed and grow?

Time to discover the value of a simple, short performance based contracts. By the time you finish one simple exercise, you’re ready to create concise, short contracts.  Time to dissolve stress and ignite passions to succeed!

  • End worrying by co-creating something to reduce unpleasant surprises.
  • Feel inspired more often than not by KNOWING what to expect when you do you best.
  • Walk on solid ground even when things seems crazy and unpredictable.

When life seems out of control and lethally stressful, what do you do? Complete this course to take solid steps to enjoy a more productive, happy, healthy life today.

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Chapter Eight: Performance Based Contracts
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6 replies on “Chapter 8: Performance Based Contracts”

What has come up at the start of this lesson…
I’ve really started exploring all the what, how, reward and consequences of contracts I have entered into, especially over the past year. I’ve made some really good personal contracts that have helped me step into my bliss. I’ve also been instrumental in creating some business contracts that have results in increased debt and personal suffering. This is emotionally painful and necessary to explore, because I know two things: 1) I”m surrounded by people whom I know, love and trust on my journey 2) I cannot get it wrong, so in is safe and therapeutic to explore and grow.

Mahalo nui loa David for opting to do some of the hardest work on the planet – ehh? One of the more fascinating aspects of this work is how – with every step we take together, we walk ever-more firmly with confidence. True? With each step we take, we become what most cherish (as well as fear) – genuine. The more genuine I allow myself to be, the more loving – unconditionally – I am.


This chapter really made me realize how many performance-based contracts I am involved with each day and how I treat each one of them. I realize that pretty much everything I say and do is a performance-based contract with either myself or whom I am dealing with. In looking at myself and how well I hold up the bargain on my end of it, I have to say I feel pretty good about myself and the values that help me adhere to my beliefs and goals.

Cheryl, your post is a great example of ‘do your best with what you have.’ Is that how you balance your desire to do your best with your desire to enjoy a healthy balance when the old perfectionist, critic or judge wake-up and yell at your analyzer?

Facts, much like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. True? What I consider as fact (of which, I have few facts), is based on both conscious and subconscious manipulation and interpretation of thoughts biased by feelings. The fact that I will never ever know all there is to know about any one or any thing to adequately judge it or them – releases a desire to fight – anything or any one. Those who scoff at this fact – scoff away! Enjoy judging me. Then, one day, when someone judges you, remember your judgement of me.

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