Chapter 9: Ethics & Integrity

Action indeed is the sole medium of expression for ethics.
Jane Addams – First American woman Nobel Peace Prize winner (1860-1935)

Neither fire nor wind, birth nor death can erase our good deeds.

Buddha – (563 BC-483 BC)

Chapter Overview

Ethics & Integrity

Ethics. What are these things?

Integrity? How does integrity help you grow worth on many levels? You’ve heard this before, “say what you do and do what you say.” 

How’s it going for you on this front? Does your word equal your deed? 100% of the time? 2%?

Time to buff-up your skills to live an ethical life. Build your ability to engage ethical foresight with simple, doable, daily steps.  In the course, we’ll:

  • sort out the difference between ethics and morals.
  • discover ways to keep life more simple, less stressful.
  • create simple ways to enjoy higher levels of integrity.
  • exponentially increase ethical, long-term stable worth on many levels.

When our words equal our deeds, life becomes much less stressful – rapidly! Right?  Let’s get started!

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Exercise 28: Ethical Foresight
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Exercise 29: Worth Passport® Page 9
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4 replies on “Chapter 9: Ethics & Integrity”

I found this chapter overview quite informational. Ethics and integrity, we hear that all the time but I don’t think people really understand what the two words mean, this overview explains everything well so that it’s easy to understand.

Off hand I would say that I have a pretty good balance between ethics and integrity. I always try to do everything I say that I will, the best that I possibly can and in the most timely manner that is possible. If I say I will be somewhere at a certain time, I go early to make sure I am there on time. If I say I will have something done by a certain date, I try to finish it ahead of time and not wait till the end, making sure my goal can be accomplished on time.

Doing what I say and fulfilling the words I speak gives me a good feeling and it boosts my self-worth in knowing that people think of me as a person with integrity. They know they can count on me if I tell them I will do something. If I do what I say I don’t have to invite the chaos committee in to make excuses for my behavior!

This audio was a wonderful explanation of the differences and complexities of ethics, integrity and morals!! I do not want to be judged as I have felt I had been judged unfairly in the past because all the facts never came out. Having found myself in moral dilemmas in my past, I felt my heart in a heavy place.

Since taking this class at Pay Me What I Am Worth and doing the work, it has helped me immensely sort out in my mind the differences on this topic. I had so many ah-ha moments of my learned lessons in life and such a wonderful releasing and understanding of myself!!

Thank you,


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