Conscious Seekers Radio Interview – Meta-physics: Contracts! With who? Why? When!

Conscious Seekers RadioThe Conscious Seeker Broadcast explors new thoughts on Science, Religion, Politics and Social Order for a New Age.

In this show, Dr. James Winborne, his scheduled guest Jakada Zo and Soul explore how contracts influence our lives in many ways.

To contact Soul Dancer, the author of Pay Me What I’m Worth to schedule an interview, key-note address or customized study group program, email him or call him directly:  312-268-0000.


How’s doubt, guilt, shame and worry working for you? Done with them yet?

In how many ways does doubt, guilt, shame and worry hurt your sense of worth?  Listen in to learn how to stop this hurt!

WARNING!  This episode contains G-rated BLUNT statements about doubt, guilt, shame and worry.

Soul, the author of Pay Me What I’m Worth gets real with a decades-worth of statistics.

His stats source? Thousands of workshop, seminar and retreat feedback forms, hundreds of audio and video reviews and first-hand observations about the effects of doubt, guilt, shame and worry.

Video goal?  To learn if you qualify to join 12 other pre-qualified students in a 12 month class to:

  • identify and dissolve deep roots of doubt, guilt, shame and worry.
  • re-awaken a sense of balance from deep within your heart and soul.
  • learn how you actually are paid what you’re worth – with every word said and action done.

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The birth of a book, a journey and a cause!

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Blog Feedback

Vice-President Leticia Arroyo speaks her truth…

Souldancer’s weekend intensive event are hands on experiences of true awareness and personal evolvement into creating a life of responsibility and true love. A chance to believe in myself and of what results I am capable of accomplishing on my own and or furthering my accomplishments to a different level, hence what I want to make of it. It was a chance to learn more of myself, an opportunity for me to realize what I was not aware of and yet be more aware to continuously make life changing re-programming in order to bring peace and love for myself while being the example of what others are capable of as well. Leticia Arroyo, VP Aspire Realty Group.


Video: How did Carma, Chelsa and Marsha release pain and suffering from physical abuse?

Meet CarmaChelsa and Marsha – Pay Me What I’m Worth alumni  members.  These three amazing souls are excited and honored to offer special classes for adult survivors of physical and / or emotional abuse.

Our next class for abuse survivors begins when we have  12 pre-screened participants ready to go.

  • What did these three brave spirits experience on their 12 month journey (individually and collectively)?
  • Explore how Marsha, Carma and Chelsa are ready to help you release your pain and suffering related to physical and/or emotional abuse.

Backstory . . .

What happens when physical and/or emotional abuse blocks the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness?  For abuse survivors a life free to choose both liberty and happiness seems but a lost dream as they cope with the effects of physical and / or emotional abuse.

In this episode Carma, Chelsa and Marsha share how their Pay Me What I’m Worth journey liberates them from the pain and suffering they carry from past physical and emotional abuse.

Next steps . . .

After this show, join us in our next class series to tap into the wisdom and care that Marsha, Chelsa and  Carma have to offer.


Step 1: listen to a few classes to witness first-hand what you’ll experience in class.  All team participants are pre-screen to ensure we co-create a safe space to learn and grow.


Step 2:  click this link to download a detailed course program guide.  Guide includes course agenda, price, terms and release form.

While each instructor welcomes anyone to their class, we also provide classes with a specific focus.

  • Carma Spence:  women who experienced abusive men (dating or divorced from abusive men)
  • Chelsa Wells:  women who were abused physically, sexually and emotionally as children
  • Marsha Sortino: women and men who were physically and/or emotionally harmed by the results of addictions, prison time served, poor relationships.
  • Soul Dancer (author):  same-sex oriented souls (bi, gay, lesbian, trans, asexual, queer, pan, etc.) who seek peace with past and present abuse caused by family, friends, religion or society.


Step 3:  Contact Soul (after completing the above two steps) for a 30 minute intake interview to explore questions and concerns about taking this class.  Click to email Soul or call 312-268-0000.  If you get voicemail:

  • share a day, time (and time-zone that you’re calling from)  WHEN YOU WILL CALL BACK
  • to ensure privacy (as possibly safety) we will NOT return your call, you must call us.
  • we’ll do our best to be available when you call back at the time / day you share in your voicemail.

Our next class for abuse survivors begins when we have  12 pre-screened participants ready to go. Liberate yourself from the doubt, guilt, shame and worry you feel from being abused.

Music: Healing by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.