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Soul University ongoing Job Fair – Interview Step 4 – Get Paid!


Step 4: When you inspire 10 (or more) people to join your book club you’ll earn at least $200.00 to host / facilitate a one-hour book club once a month.

To get paid ask your book club members to pay YOU directly!  Here’s a few ways to collect:

    1. PayPal.Com – PayPal offers a number of ways to collect payments for you. You’ll have to remember to log into PayPal to transfer funds to your bank account. If you have no bank account no worries! Apply for PayPal’s free debit card. Use PayPal’s debit card just like a bank debt card.
    2. Google Pay – a handy smart-phone, desktop and tablet way to pay. Book club member payments are automatically transferred to your bank account.
    3. Cash or checks for local folks – right?
    4. Do you have a smart-phone?  Register for SquareUp. Swipe or enter card payments via your phone.
    5. Do you have a website Register for Stripe. You’ll need an SSL certificate to securely process payments.

We look forward to helping your earn extra income by helping others learn, laugh and grow.

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Soul University ongoing Job Fair – Interview Step 3


Step 3: Soul University provides paid book club members access to our online tools.

  1. Tool one: a customized (for your book club only) set of Google docs for members to use any time, any where to dive more deeply into workbook content.
  2. Tool two: access to our online members-only Virtual Classroom where members converse with other readers (via comment posting) from around the world.

To-Do 1: Ask book club members to email us a copy of their purchased book receipt (if they ordered anywhere else but here).  We’ll create access to our two online tools at no charge to you.

To-Do 2:  Email us a list of club members (first/last name and their email address).  We need to know who’s in your club to create a set of private, secure Google Docs.

To-Do 3: We’ll email you with a document to send to your members with instructions on how to access their customized, secure online tools.

When you inspire 10 people to join you in your book club – you’ll earn:

  • $200.00 an hour for hosting a one-hour monthly book club event.
  • more as your club grows.

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Soul University ongoing Job Fair – Interview Step 2


Step 2: Tell everyone you know you plan to start and host a book club that’s also a personal, professional and spiritual development event.  This book club comes with extra bells and whistles!

The book? Pay Me What I’m Worth.

The bells and whistles?

  • secure online classroom packed with dozens of documents club members use any time, any where to dive more deeply into workbook content.
  • on-demand down-loadable audio files of actual book club discussions and classes.  Each .mp3 file brings workbook content to life with (often) mind-blowing ideas / discussions.
  • access to other readers around the world!

When they ask what’s the book is about ask them this question:  “How do you define your sense of worth?”

Based on their answer (often money focused) ask them:  “Is that it?  What else defines your sense of worth?”

More often than not folks just don’t think about how they define their sense of worth.  This book club dives deep into re-awaking your sense of worth on many levels:

  1. Personal
  2. Social
  3. Emotional
  4. Professional
  5. Financial
  6. Spiritual

Next question you’ll get? Does this cost anything?

Get real with them! Most likely the people you talk to spend $20.00 a week on beverages (coffee, cocktails, etc.), snacks (that morning bagel adds up), etc.  Start spending $20.00 more wisely!

  • Feel free to switch topics at any time. Those who aren’t ready for this book club will come up with all sorts of excuses. No pushy sales please.
  • When invitees ask when the book club starts offer them the dates / times YOU set!

Next? Step 3 – Get Organized

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Soul University Jobs


Aloha and welcome!

Soul here – Founder of Soul University (SU) and author of Pay Me What I’m Worth. Over the past 12 years we’ve witnessed so many souls make profound life changes with our workbook. To hear first-hand experiences:

  • watch / listen our 10 Year Anniversary video.
  • click to listen to over 400 FREE classes and book club discussions containing over 650 hours of content. Download these on-demand FREE audio files any time.

As we start our second decade of service we wonder – do you like leading book discussions / groups?  Yes?  How about being PAID to lead book discussion groups?

Ready for your interview?

Step 1: Click to learn more about what Pay Me What I’m Worth is all about.

  • Time and attention is all we ask of you. No email address or money required to access free, on-demand, downloadable audio files. You WILL learn something from JUST by listening to our book discussions and classes!
  • Like what you see / hear – here?
    • Yes? Time for Step 2 (of 4).
    • No? Thanks for stopping by! Your virtual interview is done.
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Dissolve Office Politics Series: Part 1 of 4

Let’s get started!

Step One: What’s Your Office Politic Score?

On a scale of 1 – 10 how would you rate your daily work environment?

1 = little or no office politics

5 = seasonal office politics related to holidays, social events, year-ends or similar cyclical events.

10 = crippling, moral busting levels of politics

  • Would other staff or team members agree with your rating?
  • Would other staff or team members agree it’s time to create and make changes?

Did you score 1 – 4?

Congratulate yourselves for maintaining a healthy, productive office or organization. It takes effort to maintain a politic-clear space. Don’t forget to reward yourselves for doing this hard work!

Score more than 5?

Listen to our show for more details to take your next steps to dissolve office politics.

If you or someone you know suffers from excessive office politics, contact Soul directly to schedule an appointment / assessment, dial 312-268-0000.