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How’s doubt, guilt, shame and worry working for you? Done with them yet?

In how many ways does doubt, guilt, shame and worry hurt your sense of worth?  Listen in to learn how to stop this hurt!

WARNING!  This episode contains G-rated BLUNT statements about doubt, guilt, shame and worry.

Soul, the author of Pay Me What I’m Worth gets real with a decades-worth of statistics.

His stats source? Thousands of workshop, seminar and retreat feedback forms, hundreds of audio and video reviews and first-hand observations about the effects of doubt, guilt, shame and worry.

Video goal?  To learn if you qualify to join 12 other pre-qualified students in a 12 month class to:

  • identify and dissolve deep roots of doubt, guilt, shame and worry.
  • re-awaken a sense of balance from deep within your heart and soul.
  • learn how you actually are paid what you’re worth – with every word said and action done.

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The birth of a book, a journey and a cause!

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