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Vice-President Leticia Arroyo speaks her truth…

Souldancer’s weekend intensive event are hands on experiences of true awareness and personal evolvement into creating a life of responsibility and true love. A chance to believe in myself and of what results I am capable of accomplishing on my own and or furthering my accomplishments to a different level, hence what I want to make of it. It was a chance to learn more of myself, an opportunity for me to realize what I was not aware of and yet be more aware to continuously make life changing re-programming in order to bring peace and love for myself while being the example of what others are capable of as well. Leticia Arroyo, VP Aspire Realty Group.

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Kendall T Review

reviews-Kendall T

Souldancer is a window of truth, shining light on all he sees. He is a clear and succinct speaker, bringing a share of heaven down to earth with his words in the form of story, metaphor and his ability to hold open space for personal epiphany.

Through our interactions, he helps me to see parts of my infinite self again. The evolutions in mind and spirit that he engenders in my life shines a bright light on the eternal aspects of beauty all around me–and in me. And if you embrace the eternal beauty that he will show you, you will also experience true love and understanding again. Discovering your prefect self all over again, a highly recommended guide on the path.

Kendall T, IP Attorney

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Rick Sanford Review


Souldancer is an extraordinarily creative guide whose wisdom and integrity has been cultivated in service to others. Through leadership, coaching and personal relationships, he invites people to discover their own wisdom and integrity so that they may chart the course of their own lives, confident in themselves and their potential.

I first met Souldancer in Chicago in fall/winter 2004, as I was going through a difficult period in seeking a network of support and considering a major career change. As a friend, Souldancer was incredibly encouraging, welcoming me into his circle of friends, and his home for tea, friendly conversation, and personal support. In early 2005, after attending a highly stressful self-help seminar, I fell into a state of disillusionment and paranoia.

With compassion and support, Souldancer encouraged me gently let go of my negativity, aware of the entrapping nature of negative thoughts & intentions.

I could mention many other times Souldancer has made a difference in my life, whether it be through our personal friendship or the insightful trove of newsletters, events, and Pay Me What I’m Worth book that he has shared with the world. It’s rare to meet someone with so much skill and insight – and who also has the openness to welcome you into his circle of acquaintance.

Rick S., Grantwriter & Program Evaluation

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10 Years ~ 250K+ Lives ~ Pay Me What I’m Worth Reflections ~ Ah-Ha’s & Oh-NO!’s

Celebrating 10 Years

250,000+ Amazing Stories

Reflections ~ Ah-ha’s ~ Insights

With over a decade of amazing success, we KNOW the secret-sause to our success is team work. Watch this video to explore what we’ve observed from all our teacher-facilitated classes, retreats, workshops, seminars, potlucks, talk-radio shows and book club events.

How has Pay Me What I’m Worth blossomed into a local to global grass roots movement?  

  • Who knew that the only book ever titled Pay Me What I’m Worth would inspire over 250,000+ souls (so far) to take a life-changing journey to gain and maintain a balance between receiving and giving!
  • Who knew that after a decade of consistent, confirmed ongoing results locally and globally, a book would inspire a grass roots movement?
  • Who knew that Pay Radio launched in 2009 would reach 143 (out of 206) sovereign states thanks to Blogtalk Radio!

Celebrate with us as we savor a decade of learning, laughing and growing healthy, happy lifelong relationships. 

This episode marks Pay Radio‘s seven year anniversary as well.

Sit back!  Enjoy a cup o something as you listen to Soul University Founder Soul Dancer, alumni and students share stories, wit and wisdom

While you listen and before you go . . .

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