Chapter 09 – Ethics & Integrity

Action indeed is the sole medium of expression for ethics.
Jane Addams – First American woman Nobel Peace Prize winner (1860-1935)

Neither fire nor wind, birth nor death can erase our good deeds.

Buddha – (563 BC-483 BC)

Chapter Overview

Ethics & Integrity

Ethics. What are these things?

Integrity? How does integrity help you grow worth on many levels? You’ve heard this before, “say what you do and do what you say.” 

How’s it going for you on this front? Does your word equal your deed? 100% of the time? 2%?

Time to buff-up your skills to live an ethical life. Build your ability to engage ethical foresight with simple, doable, daily steps.  In the course, we’ll:

  • sort out the difference between ethics and morals.
  • discover ways to keep life more simple, less stressful.
  • create simple ways to enjoy higher levels of integrity.
  • exponentially increase ethical, long-term stable worth on many levels.

When our words equal our deeds, life becomes much less stressful – rapidly! Right?  Let’s get started!

In the comment box below:

  • share some ideas on what you expect you’ll learn in this class based on what you heard and read above.
  • After completing this class, revisit your comment and Reply to it with that you actually learned.

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7 replies on “Chapter 09 – Ethics & Integrity”

This audio was a wonderful explanation of the differences and complexities of ethics, integrity and morals!! I do not want to be judged as I have felt I had been judged unfairly in the past because all the facts never came out. Having found myself in moral dilemmas in my past, I felt my heart in a heavy place.

Since taking this class at Pay Me What I Am Worth and doing the work, it has helped me immensely sort out in my mind the differences on this topic. I had so many ah-ha moments of my learned lessons in life and such a wonderful releasing and understanding of myself!!

Thank you,


Mahalo Marsha! Fascinating how when we apply Occam’s razor (the art of simplicity) to ethics, life becomes far less stressful. True?

Next – a favor? Are you open to copy/pasting your comment above into the comment box for chapter nine’s general public page – more folks will see your thoughts. Our Virtual Classroom space (this page) is a members-only page. (Links to all Virtual Classroom pages – if shared publicly – when a non-member clicks a Virtual Classroom link, they’ll be directed to the member registration page.)

I found this chapter overview quite informational. Ethics and integrity, we hear that all the time but I don’t think people really understand what the two words mean, this overview explains everything well so that it’s easy to understand.

Off hand I would say that I have a pretty good balance between ethics and integrity. I always try to do everything I say that I will, the best that I possibly can and in the most timely manner that is possible. If I say I will be somewhere at a certain time, I go early to make sure I am there on time. If I say I will have something done by a certain date, I try to finish it ahead of time and not wait till the end, making sure my goal can be accomplished on time.

Doing what I say and fulfilling the words I speak gives me a good feeling and it boosts my self-worth in knowing that people think of me as a person with integrity. They know they can count on me if I tell them I will do something. If I do what I say I don’t have to invite the chaos committee in to make excuses for my behavior!

Cheryl – do you recall how your tight alignment between your word and your deed formed? At what age did you notice that the more your words match your deeds life seemed far less stressful. What was happening to you at that age?

Your ethical roots are strong feed by leaves of integrity. As we dive into chapter nine, you’ll discover many rewards for all your hard work!

Ha,ha I thought back and pin pointed an incident that happened when I was a young teen. I was doing a craft and one of my mothers friends really liked it. She asked if I would make her some if she got the materials. I said yes, she got the materials and I started on the project for her. I had a lot of problems with it and put it in the closet to start over again, after months it still sat there.

My mother saw it and gave me quite the lecture, saying that if I tell someone that I’m going to do something for them that I had better follow through and do it in a timely fashion! I guess that’s probably where I got that in my head to begin with, I remember feeling bad that I had not followed through.

Ever since then I have made sure to follow through on my word, doing my the best that I possibly can and within a decent time frame.

WOW! Talk about the power of childhood programming. Cheryl, I wonder – how much shame or guilt played a roll in this particular event? Did you decide to learn from your mom’s lecture such that to avoid future shame or guilt, you’ll line-up your words with deeds more often?

Oh for sure, shame and guilt were ground in deeply with that lecture! I didn’t want to go through that again!

My mother was a big one for laying the guilt complex on people, she really knew how to manipulate them. As I grew up and moved away I got more of a perspective on her actions. I could see clearly how she would use guilt to get her way and manipulate any situation into what she wanted. She was also one of those, that this lesson spoke of, that likes to sabotage other people.

Reflecting back on it now I believe she was trying to sabotage me in life so that I would always be close to her, keeping me down, not spreading my wings and leaving the nest. She once stated the only reason she had kids was so they could take care of her when she got old. I am pretty sure she didn’t realize that what you put into a relationship, the amount of love, time and effort will be balanced out in the end.

Ha, Ha. I wish my mother had taken this course 60 years ago, SO many people would have benefited from it! LOL

To late for her, just thankful and so grateful that it found me and the good ripple effect can start from here!

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