Chapter 01 – Exercise 05: Long Lost Treasure Hunt


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After completing Exercise 5: Long Lost Treasure Hunt, what treasurers triggered strong feelings?  Which treasurers surprised you?  When you started your treasure hunt, what were you thinking about most?

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One of my treasures, a photo album of my grandson triggered such an emotion that I wanted to hold my grandson. He is my only grandson right now and I was imagining how it would be if I was still in Hawaii. I could be close to my sons, my daughter-in-law and her mom and be close to family. I just wanted to hold my grandson and shower him with kisses and play with him.

Yes Soul, I remember falling in love with the islands when we were coming into port. I was only 7 years old then and we were on our way to the U.S though at the time it was just what my family did. We were always taking trips, so it was just another adventure to me. My mom would have me doing homework only this time she was stressing English and I remember wondering why do I have to do all my work in English. Although I spoke to my mom in English because she did not speak Japanese, I had not realized that we would be living in a new country.

Only this time we were on a freighter, not a plane. We were on it for weeks as we traveled from Japan and ended in New York and driving from there to Boston to meet my grandmother for the first time. Along the way, we stopped at many ports. Ahh but seeing the islands as we arrived to port was exhilerating. Absolutely beautiful!!

We were only there a few days before leaving but my mind was awestruck and I always had the memories. My childhood and throughout my teenage years I believe subconsciously, my mind worked at getting to Hawaii. I would dream about living in Hawaii. I would draw pictures of islands and leighs and coconut drinks, surfing, swimming and hula skirts. I was fascinated with the islands. I always wanted to live there from the first invitation landing. And at that time there were no computers in households.

So when I got married and moved to Wisconsin, the rest of my family (brothers and sisters and mom and dad) announced that my dad’s company was moving the whole household to Hawaii, I knew in my heart I would get to Hawaii because I knew my dad would be desiring to see me, my husband and his grandchildren soon.

As it turned out, my dad provided airline tickets for us that were 2 way tickets. Though my husband also fell in love along with my kids. So my husband used the return tickets to pack up our stuff in Wisconsin and then return back to Hawaii. We were finally what I will always consider to be home for me, the land of aloha.

Yes, Pele is calling me home, always.

I do hope you get to go back soon. I can relate to the enjoyment of being with my twin grandchildren, and they are precious to me. Their seventh birthday is soon and will be special being with them to share love and excitement. They grow up so quickly.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to do much more than read the chapter this week. I do know that this exercise will take some time so I hope we can slow down enough to really delve into it. For me, I don’t keep many “things” so no longer have old trophies, certificates and such. I will have to search my memories and try to do the cards from them. Daunting but valuable to do, I think.

So Doug, how’s it going? Based on what you shared in class, you’ve dedicated yourself to opening up to more connections to feelings! An admirable goal! Let us know how things go 😉

One major Ah Ha for me that came up in steps 1-4 was how much value I place on feeling grateful for everything I have. A teacher (or 10) have told me, “The secret to making the Law of Attraction work in getting what you want in life is…. Gratitude. The more gratitude that I feel, bathe in and exude for everything I now have the easier it is for the Universe to fulfill my order for more.” I’m on my way, friends, and it feels like the day before Christmas most of the time.

One “Oh No” that came up was… I found an Autobiographical History book that my mom had given to me back in 2001. It was a history of her entire life up to that point. As I paged through the book I came to a pictures section, and all kinds of feelings and memories pored through me. I’ve learned to allow these memories and feeling to just be, and they eventually passed. But, here was the kicker: Once all of the memories (my version of events and people) passed, I could suddenly see that my mom’s version of me and my life where very different and much much more loving and accepting than my version of my life. Oh, No! Maybe my mom’s version of me during those years was a little closer to God’s version of me. And.. Maybe the reason I have been hanging onto memories and feeling that do serve me is.. Because I have been seeing my own history as a young man, young dad and young husband differently than God saw it!

From now on, I’m going to stop and ask, “How does God see this?”

In this process of free flow writing and sorting, I found my way into a rampage of appreciation. Every sentence I wrote started with I love…
I love how I have flipped the switch on past memories, less self-hatred and more self-love and acceptance. I realized that doing the work of seeing my past through God’s lenses has helped me to see all of those memories like this…

I have done the best I can, given the best I have to give, owned my perceived shortcomings and forgiven and loved it all. Now, I see that what has past is as much my present (or gift) as this moment is a present. How I interpret my memories impacts how much love, abundance, worth, gratitude and good I can give and receive in this moment. Letting Go or Forgiving is really all about loving the hell out of the past so I can be free to allow the Love that was then, is NOW and will Always BE.

The process reminds me of the Ho’Oponopono prayer… I’m sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You

To your peace and prosperity,

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