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multiple-passportsAfter completing Exercise 6: Worth Passport Page 1, what are a couple highlights from your first page in your Worth Passport?  Post these highlights in the comment box below.

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The most important discovery I made from doing the treasure hunt exercise is that all my belonging only hold value based their use and experiences with others. In simpler terms my guitars are worth so much to me because I have the ability to play in front of hundreds or even thousands of people and inspire them! I also enjoy practicing music with my friends and fellow bandmates. My personal development book have allow me to gain great knowledge and share great knowledge with others on my personal blog, this class, and with others in need. I discovered that the true worth of a material item is its ability to create value for yourself and others.

Aloha Kareem! Congrats on being the FIRST person – EVER! to post a comment containing insights on your first Worth Passport® page. Outstanding!

With your refreshed insights on how your material world helps or hurts your sense of worth, seems like you discovered a freeing perspective. Your experience is free of a specific item – such that – your experience to share your music – happens with any guitar -true? While I realize you may enjoy a favorite / preferred instrument, your ability to play music spans all guitars. Right?

A common source of worth-decay happens when we get attached to ONE particular item. If that item is lost, stolen, broken (etc.) – what happens to our sense of worth?

Result? A vaccine against worth decay! Good work!

Here is David’s culminating Worth Passport for Ch. 1 in Pay Me What I’m Worth

My body, mind and spirit now know that I am worth it because, I have found what I value most in my physical world. I value the emotions of gratitude, love, acceptance and appreciation that seems to vibrate in every physical item I own and use in my life. I made a decision a few years back that I was going to focus on two thoughts, “I feel good.” and “I am grateful.” It is so cool to see how the physical universe has lined up with my dominant emotions and brought into my physical experience items that help me easily create and re-create the emotions of gratitude, love, admiration, joy, enthusiasm and appreciation every day. I’m loving my life, and my physical world is acting as my brilliant reminder service of that truth every single day.

My self-esteem and level of self-confidence changed from “I sure have been a great person for the past 5 years or so” to “I am perfect just the way I am, and it has always been that way for me.”

The most important discovery I experienced from my treasure hunt was uncovering and re-living the memories I found in a Personal History book that my mom gifted me back in 2001. As I paged through my mom’s personal history, I came upon a section of pictures that represents how she has experiences me over the years. I noticed that she depicted me in those pictures as a loving, generous, attentive, caring and enthusiastic son, father, friend and husband. And, that certainly was Not in alignment with how I have been remembering myself during those years. So, as I allowed the feelings around those memories to come up (anger, resentment, guilt, shame, doubt and worry) and just pass on through me… I had this thought… “What If my mom’s view of me as a young man, father and husband was more accurate that my view of me?” and then I thought.. “What if Mom’s view is closer to God’s view!” At that moment I realized, as long as I continue to see my years as a young man, father and husband as a failure, I will continue to have underlying feelings of anger, resentment, guilt, shame, doubt and worry. So, I decided, right then and there (AND here and NOW) to see my history as my mom and God see my history… I was perfect just the way I was then. I was doing the very best I could with what I had, and I continue to be perfect just the way I am now.

I re-framed the my own truth of who I was and who I am by exploring my physical world. Wow! What a gift! and Wow! What a relief!

I enjoyed an interesting experience while working with this lesson. I discovered I wrote Page 1 of my Worth Passport from Spirit and share it with you all today:

“Along this journey I have explored contrast big and small, Thru unconditional Love I have learned to accept them All.”

In the beginning of my journey of discovery, I was mindlessly unaware of being caught up in chaos of doubt, worry, guilt, and shame. Transformation occurred so easily while exploring my worth these last 8 weeks that until today I did not realize the transformation.
Now I move forward a stronger, worthier woman ready to explore deeper to rediscover and reactivate my true self. Gone is the chaos, long live self-worth!
I’ve discovered although my material possessions are few, the memories they represent are many. I have discovered my worth is not in material possessions as much as it is in the feelings and abilities within me that make the material possessions worthy of being in my life.
I’ve discovered I have value others see that has been, until now, shielded from me. As I rediscover my self-worth it is as a new day dawning and a brilliant sun rising. With each moment all is new and increased in value. I’ve walked away from the chaos and bondage of darkness to step into the light of worthiness and it is GOOD!

Tonya Heathco, Founder & President
National Seizure Disorders Foundation

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