Chapter 02 – Exercise 07: My Skills As YOU See Them


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skills After completing Exercise 7: My Skills As YOU See Them:

  1. what (if any) change in your level of confidence happened?
  2. what feelings cropped up as you brainstormed your initial skill list?
  3. what skills did you overlook the first time around?

The more thoughts you share on this exercise (in the comment box below) the more we learn about you AND ourselves.

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4 replies on “Chapter 02 – Exercise 07: My Skills As YOU See Them”

I never knew I had some many little skills I took fro granted. From my ability to play an instrument to just walking around I need to take every little skill I have with gratitude so I can keep increasing them!!!

Amazing Kareem how easily it is to take skills for-granted – true? Perfect recipe for worth-decay! When I think my skills are not that big of a deal, I portray that energy to others. When they think (or feel) I’m worth-less, more often than not, they’ll do their best to take advantage of me. Right?

WOW! Ego had a tight grip on me for this lesson. So tight I was paralyzed in thought & action and was blinded from my own skills and the skills of others. I began to feel pressure to get my homework done and remembered the ground rules. I lovingly let ego know that I was choosing to forego this lesson and if pressure remained I would even bow out of the Team Seekers call Wed night. Moments later I felt relief, ease, and freedom. Within 30 minutes I easily and joyfully accomplished step one and two with a plan for step three. What ah-ha moment came up? In times of turbulence ( days spent experiencing seizures) I must give extra time to loving myself. Why? Because it is during these time Ego thinks there is free reign in my thoughts. My guard is down and teflon off. Now, armed with new knowledge I can increase self love during these times of turbulence and wear the protection of invisible teflon. Thank you Soul for the ground rules they help me keep Ego grounded.

Our ego’s are devious creatures. Like most cornered creatures, reactions are swift and severe. As we explore the arts of integration and evolution, combined we hold ego’s hand while, like a caterpillar shapeshifting into a butterfly, we learn to release ego into our light. With a lightened load, we discover just how amazing we all are – as is – in astounding ways. True?

Tonya, we’re blessed to walk with you as TTH’s inner light BUSTS LOOSE!

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