Chapter 02 – Exercise 08: My Skills As I See Them


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After completing Exercise 8: My Skills As I See Them, how did this exercise…

  1. challenge you?
  2. surprise you?
  3. inspire clarity?

Each story we collect (in the comment box below) the more we learn about you AND ourselves.

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3 replies on “Chapter 02 – Exercise 08: My Skills As I See Them”

This skill exercise showed me just how much I’d become blind to just how much value I have. More importantly, I have been the primary source for others not being able to see all my skills. Thus, I have been the source of being devalued. Profound really…The promising thing is knowing that just as my worth decay to date has driven who I attract to my world, I am already attracting some absolutely awesome people with each day I grow!

This skill exercise showed me that I have developed skills on many levels. I have begun to really understand how important it is to know my own skills and feel my worth, so I stop discounting my own value.

Marsha, would you say chapter two’s exercises are like vaccinating yourself from being taken advantage of? Meaning, when someone wants to take advantage of your time, expertise, connections, reputation, money, love (etc.) you’ll remember just how much work you’ve done to blossom into the person you are today (all your skills). Those memories will remind you to say, “thanks but no thanks” to those who seek to under-value or take advantage of you?

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