Chapter 02 – Study Group Questions


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Chapter 2: What Are You Worth?

Reading retention tip: review the following questions BEFORE reading this chapter. Use your journal to capture answers while you read.

  1. Is your skills list over a 1000 items long? If not, you’ve missed too many skills. Brainstorm ways to identify and appreciate more skills.
  2. What differences or overlaps did you discover in Exercise 8? Specifically, what skills did others see in you that you also see in yourself?
  3. Conversely, what NEW skills did you discover that you didn’t know you had? How will Exercise 8 change your life?
  4. How has your sense of confidence changed after completing this chapter?

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As I talked to others about how they see my skills I find that they see through my tough exterior and see my heart. They see my compassion for those in need. At times I present as a tough as nails woman who takes no shit from anyone. Don’t get me wrong, I can be a tough cookie but my heart is full of compassion and empathy. I always said that if people think you will snap a knot in their butts they leave you alone. I developed that hard exterior to survive.

well i know that as i evaluate myself further, I will find more skills that I have! We all have thousands of skills as soul has told us. I believe that as we venture deeper into this class that we will find things out about ourselves that we didnt know or perhaps forgot about!

I wonder Chris, remember our suggestion about exploring versus analyzing? Evaluate smells like analyzing to me. How ’bout you? When I allow myself to explore, with no destination in mind, nothing to prove, open to any outcome I seem to experience magic more often. Gotta LOVE magic ehh?

As I have talked to friends and people that I work with about my skills I have found a theme. There were many areas that overlapped such as: compassion, kindness, advocate, resourceful, relates well with patients and families (they said I could easily find a common ground with them), creative. One of the ones they brought up that I didn’t think about was that I was a friend. It appears that when I talked to others about me they concentrated on my warm and fuzzy skills, as I call them.

You remind me of the response(s) I get when I ask people, “when you imagine ONE person in life you admire, what face pops up in your mind.” All too often, the person I ask, they respond with someone else’s face – not their own. When we map out friendship skills, it’ll blow your mind to discover there’s at least 1300 skills involved 😉 Start with compassion for example – mind-map out compassion and you’ll have a wall – size poster in short order 😉 GREAT observation of a theme Chelsa! Sweet!

As I approached people I know, I also noticed an overlapping theme with my skills sets. The areas that overlapped for me is the ability to start and have good relationships with people, patience in teaching or training, positive attitude and good high or abundant energy, and friendliness. Overall they appreciate my ability to listen, to explain things to people no matter their own skill level and break things down into easy steps. I believe this is because I had to learn many computers on my own, which was frustrating for me when I started learning and being a teacher at heart, I knew this feeling of having to learn the computer. I am compassionate to their struggles with the computer.

One of the signs I seek in teachers is their insight(s) on how I (the student) absorbs what they’re teaching. When a master teacher sees me struggling, and explores the blocks I seem to have – to then serve back the same teachings in a way I can absorb – that’s a sign they’re an awesome teacher.

Sounds like you’re an awesome teacher Marsha!!

As I went over my list of skills I was excited to find, one skill set helped me build my self confidence, my worth
etc. A skill set that didn’t enslave me into a mindset or task orientated structure that tried to give me purpose. The purpose I am is life. To live.

Having the second go around with this exercise, I am amazed at my feelings of and for myself now. I am and have enough to change my world. Every skill I recognize helps me to feel my worth on a whole new level!!

1. After examining my skills list and looking at everything for a while now I have discovered that my list of skills is infinite! I not only have way too many skills for me to count but I’m learning new ones every day. Adding and piling up in my bank!

2. I had many overlaps in the skills that everyone had listed and the ones I listed for myself, mostly things like patience, accuracy, being thorough, good at encouraging others, taking independent action and being good at teaching/instructing/training people. Of course all of them said I was creative in many ways, because I am always up to something!

3. One of the people I asked surprised me by saying that I was sympathetic, it is not a trait or skill that I thought that I had. Turns out after exploring what it meant and everything, I have decided that I am a sympathetic person but only on certain subjects. Which did give me more worth because I have been knocking myself down for it.

4. After completing this chapter I realize my confidence has risen quite a bit. I am now able to speak up for myself better and approach people without thinking they are just looking down upon me. My self-worth has come up a lot by listing and realizing how many skills I actually have! They are endless!

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