Chapter 02 – What Are You Worth?

Would that there were an award for people who come to understand the concept of enough. Good enough. Successful enough. Thin enough. Rich enough. Socially responsible enough. When you have self-respect, you have enough.
Gail Sheehy – American writer & lecturer (1937 -)


What difference does it make how much you have? What you do not have amounts to much more.
Seneca – Roman Rhetorician & Writer (54 BC- ca. 39 AD)

Chapter Overview 

Chapter Two: What Are You Worth?Forget the calculator, statements and balance sheets.

This class explores how many skills YOU think you have.

With your list in hand, we’ll then explore what skills other people think YOU have! By the end of this class, you’ll discover without a doubt, all the many skills you have (or need) to grow your worth in multiple ways.

Time to get a grip on all the many talents you currently have. We’ll verify and grow your skills list with three simple, thorough unique exercises.

By the end of this class, you’ll know with an amazing level of clarity:

  • what skills you think you have.
  • what skills others think you have.
  • a plan to polish skills you have.
  • a map to find the skills you need.

Get ready for a self esteem a boost!  The more you KNOW yourself and your skills, the more likely you’ll attract people who’ll honor you for all your worth.

In the comment box below, off the top of your head, what do you intuit about this class?

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Chapter Two Study Group Questions
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Exercise 7: My Skills As YOU See Them
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Exercise 8: My Skills As I See Them!
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Exercise 9: Skills Tally Time!
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Exercise 10: Worth Passport® Page 2
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16 replies on “Chapter 02 – What Are You Worth?”

I believe this class is going to reveal to us what things we disregarded, never took notice of, or didnt give ourselves credit for. When I hear the words skill I immediately think about a job or a resume. I think about ways of trying to sell myself to get what I want (work, education to mention a few). I never took into consideration that being me is a skill in itself. Skills that I have mastered on my own or by a loved one teaching me. For instance there isn’t a manual to teach us how to raise our children. It is something we learn on a minute to minute, day by day basis. I look forward to learning more about me and cant wait to tell the world I LOVE ME!!

It’s a mind-blowing experience to mind-map out all the skills for one simple task. We started such a map in our Week 8 class – right? Here’s a challenge for your next party. Party game time!

Step 1: gather people to a WALL of paper – yes – a WALL of paper. (Make sure the paper is thick enough such that markers will not bleed through – OR – use good old fashion Crayons!)

Step 2: ask someone to name ONE skill they believe they’ve mastered. In the middle of the WALL of paper, draw a paper-plate-size circle and write that skill in the middle of the circle.

Step 3: Ask everyone to pick-up a crayon and get busy! Invite folks at the party to start brainstorming / mind-mapping out all the skills needed that support the central (center) skill. Not sure what mind-mapping looks like? Click this link to learn all about mind-mapping.

Step 4: step back and be amazed!

Step 5: give that map to the person who started it all (the person you asked in step two to share their skill). Chuckle while you hand this map to them as you say to them, “You just got $10,000 worth of coaching for FREE!”

I believe this chapter will help us to see just how skilled we’ve become at who we are! I developed my skills, so in essence, I am a masterful piece of work. I had no notion of just how many skills played an intricate part in who I am. It’s mindblowing!!

With a refreshed sense of your skill set, your vibrational output telegraphs to everyone you meet, don’t even try to mess with me! Right? As we remember all the effort we paid to learn just one skill, we vaccinate ourselves from the potential of being taken advantage of.

As I drill down my skills it is amazing how it can be hard to list more positive skills than negative. I understand that my skills developed as a child carry over to adulthood. Loving yourself, good and bad, is important

Oh yes my internal judge and critic works overtime. I place expectations on other people especially at work. I am a social worker to the 9th degree and I always go above and beyond the call of duty for my patients and families. I work with some people that do not go above and beyond. They just do their jobs differently than I do. This has been a lesson for me. I love myself but I do not like that part of me that judges. Being aware and in the moment I have developed a skill to be able to catch myself before I go down the yellow brick road. lol

The more I am exploring the more detached I am becoming from what I once called a skill to what I now know to be a usable functional skill. I am putting skills in categories, the skills that I was conditioned to believe would be beneficial to me that obviously I may not need. Then the skills that that I know work for me to reach my goals. Beneficial skills and beliefs.

Rik – amazing isn’t it. All too often I’ve discounted myself (to the point of Chapter Seven once) because I mix generosity with ignorance. Before I took a serious look at what skills are, I thought, “If I can do it, so can you.” While this notion holds some water, it’s full of leaks as well. For example, just because we may share similar skills, you and I may wish to spend our time differently. For example, we both have the skills to build a website. Right? Which is a better use of my time?

1) Pay you to build my site – freeing my time up to do those tasks you can NOT do for me.

2) Build my own site (thinking I’m saving money) while at the same time – having less time to teach, write, produce radio shows, etc. Teaching, writing and radio shows = more income, publicity and outreach.

The skill of delegation requires me using a host of skills (such as discernment, prioritization, budgeting, etc.) to enable me to work smarter, versus harder.

I enjoyed the presentation on the overview for Chapter 2, it was well thought out and very informative. It makes a person think and get mentally ready for Chapter 2, knowing a little more about what will be covered.

I was happy and surprised by the outcome of Chapter 1 and my self-worth has risen from the findings. I am looking forward to how much the exploration we do in Chapter 2 will add to this!

Mahalo nui loa Cheryl! As we shift from the material world (chapter one) to the perceived world (skills), I wonder what connections you’ll discover between these two worlds. For example, the skill of sewing. When we start to explore the 1000’s of skills required to sew, you may find new appreciation for all those wonderful gifts you’ve shared 😉

For me, currently, I am exploring how owning my life and taking 100% responsibility gives me a stronger sense of self-respect. I am looking forward to opening all my boxes of skills to see what skills I have developed well and what skills I need to grow and have what I REALLY want in my life. I want to experience what it feels like to have a better understanding of myself, to have more self-respect and have more of what I want through a thorough look at a of my amazing skills.

Wow David! I wonder how many people find taking 100% responsibility of their lives a task that seems daunting and at times, hopeless! True, self respect flows from knowing yourself. Get ready for folks to tell you, “David! You’re changing!!” When they share that insight with you, it’s the perfect time to update your relationship with them – to what you want – true?

I am having FUN exploring the feeling of increased self respect as I notice the skills I have and skills I have desire to develop. As the ah-ha observations increase, my inner self is transforming and shining through. Before Pay Me What I’m Worth I would blind myself to my own value and my skills. Blinders are now gone. I can see clearly now! I am having fun exploring my self respect and feeling my confidence grow.

Sweet Tonya! Fascinating how those blinders crept into life ehh? For example, how often are we told to hide our true talents for fear of being judged? From what other non-male identified students report (more prominent in some cultures than others), their told to be humble, be quiet, never question, and most of all, never ever voice your opinion.

As we witness your re-awakening to that reality you’re swimming in an ocean of skills, I wonder how deeply you’ll dive into those skills that both scare you and amaze you – simultaneously!

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