Chapter 03 – Exercise 11: Who Else


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compare2After completing Exercise 11: Who Else, what did you discover about:

  • yourself concerning the need to compare yourself to others?
  • how you use your wisdom bank?
  • possible temptations to use shortcuts?

When you share comments (and replies to comments), you create and tap into the priceless gift of perspective!  What gift(s) will you share by commenting in the comment box below?

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17 replies on “Chapter 03 – Exercise 11: Who Else”

Yes it is Chelsa. I caught my analyzer and judge trying to create resistance so that I wouldn’t do this exercise. I found myself thinking why the heck would I want to compare myself to someone else? Aside from the fact that it goes against everything that my mentors have taught me, I got to thinking this exercise could potentially open me up to feeling shame and doubting myself.

I realize the importance of choosing to be in the moment and fully participate in the exercise minus all the perceived negative outcomes. Like you, I’m looking forward to the nuggets I get from the exercise.

I interviewed a renowned Pyschiatrist this week who is the guru in Transgender healthcare. I am actually in training to be part of a Transgender Treatment Team at the VA. This education and extra duties are definitely going to be rewarding as the VA opens its arms for diversity in Veterans

In my humble opinion the sun is shining, the sky is blue, the wind is coming from the east. I am encouraged to continue on the same path I am on, This class made me realize that I have it made because of how I set up my life. I am living my dream and my job is to set an example for others that are going after their own dreams.
See you at the beach.

Ah Rik! You remind me of the classic joke about a poor remote island fisherman. One day, a rich man arrives on the island. He see’s the island’s potential to be a vast luxury resort. He tries to convince the poor fisherman of the benefits of believing in his vision. The rich man’s carrot-on-a-stick is to convince the poor man that by believing in his vision, he could do what ever he wanted to do, once the vision happens.

To the rich-man’s dismay, the poor man’s response floored him! The poor man simply said, “I do what I want to do – daily – right now! I am already a RICH MAN!”

Thank you I realized this most of my life, I am doing what I love to do or I could not exist in this vibration if I did not. Even when I was imprisoned in the public schools of America I had enough sense to see that for the most part the teachers were not happy, healthy or self actualized. They were no more that puppets spouting their little quotes from the other puppets that they admired.

What was key for me in doing this exercise was acceptance. Accepting who I am and where I am at with my situation in life, so I can clearly see and move on. I am made for more, so I can move on with my existing facts, knowing that I am unconditionally loved no matter what my circumstances. I do not want to be anything or anyone else but me, moving my life to a grander purpose.

Marsha, do you also notice the magical relationship between releasing analyzing and embracing exploring allows you to feel more comfortable with not knowing? As I release my need to control (know), I discover so much more daily magic. Yes?

Absolutely Soul, when I get stuck in analyzing I am no longer comfortable. I know when my analyzer attempts to sneak in because my creative forces become drained. Exploring provides an abundant energy which makes me feel happy as compared to drained. 🙂

In doing this exercise I realized that I have never really made a habit out of comparing myself to others. You would think that having a low self-esteem all of my life I would try to fit in more, but I have always just been out to be myself. I have always known that I could do anything just as well as anyone else if I wanted to and if I put my mind to it, so I never really felt the need to compare myself to others. I am very thankful I did not adopt this habit as it would’ve really been more disabling to me.

Cheryl – awesome! Your ability to maintain perspective – any ideas of the roots of this powerful trait / skill? Did your parents awaken your critical thinking skills – early? Or, like breathing, you just know better NOT to compare yourself to others (or yourself for that matter).

I do remember at a pretty young age that my mother told me that no one was any better or worse than me. I took this to heart and tried to apply it to all aspects of life. My mother had a very low esteem so she probably told me this hoping I would not grow up feeling the way she did, always worrying that she wasn’t good enough.

I am choosing path A: I love what I do and I want to take it to the next level. I love being able to lead an organization where my #1 role is to teach, train and coach others to be, do and have more of what they want. I have many possibilities for people who are doing this, but not doing all that I do. I have a new mentor who is the leader of a nonprofit with the exact same mission as mine. He has been doing it for 20+ years and the org. is very very successful. We have found a way to mutually benefit each other, and I am looking forward to continuing that relationship as I discover more ways for Win-Win-Win opportunities. The wins are for my org., the other org. and a whole bunch more people we serve together. I would also say that Soul Dancer is a person who is doing a lot of what I love doing in the area of creating and providing great experiential personal development course. I need to up my game and get paid what I am worth in this area.

I am still searching for a 3rd “mentor”. There is one amazing teacher whom I have been learning from for the last 2 years, and I have used some of his teachings the example he gives of his lifestyle as valuable input and guidance on who to get paid what I am worth. His name is Andy Shaw.

It just occurred to me… I am now reminded of a concept in “Think and Grow Rich” called “My Invisible Council”. I would like now to create and use that council, engaging my imagination on a nightly basis to help me answer the big questions and get divine inspiration. I am now inviting Dr. Wayne Dyer, Soul Dancer, Hale Dwoskin, Neil Peart, Andy Shaw and Mary Morrissey to My Invisible Council.

David, invite accepted! Warning! Don’t blame me when my guides wake you up at 2 a.m. cause they decided to sit in on your council meeting 😉 Just sayin! 💡

Team Seekers are packed with amazing guides. I continue to marvel at the collective potential – waking up, daily, one step, one ah-ha moment at a time!

The 3 biggest lessons that I am now implementing:

1. The most important skill you can develop is the skill of being able to feel Grateful, Happy and Abundant most of the time. As time goes on, and I pay attention to this one thing more and more, all aspects of my life with continue to get better with less effort and more ease.
2. 80/20 rule. 80% of your income comes from 20% of your activities. So, find the activities that produce the results you want. e.g. Find and do the activities that result in donations, grants and gifts the very first thing, every day. Finding and focusing on results driven activities frees up a whole lot of time for more fun with the people I love.
3. After the 20%, do that which seeds my organization’s growth and sustainability. For me, this means a routine predicated on one idea “Get on your high-flying disc, and then…” Feeling grateful, happy and abundant and then exploring all the possibilities and opportunities is my new and improved MO (method of operating). This has sparked the launch of a really great way to serve my community of people in need while creating a sustainable income for myself and my organization. Win-Win!

David, looks like you’ve discovered the art of symbiotic growth (versus parasitic consumption). Fascinating how Gaia daily shows us the wisdom of balancing the needs of the many with the needs of the one! True?

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