Chapter 03 – Why Are You Worth It?


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compare-the-incomparableChapter Three - “Your true value depends entirely on what you are compared with.”
Bob Wells – American editor (1933- )

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Are you worth doing ONLY what you LOVE doing? If you love what you’re doing in life, and wish to take things to the next level, GREAT! Get ready to take that step.

If you DON’T LOVE what you’re doing, but believe you can love it at some point in time, you’ve created a fiction. Dissolve such fictions with this class.  Time to embrace your desire to do what you’re called to do.  By the end of our journey you’ll know:

  • the dangers of getting caught up with comparing yourself to others.
  • how to actively use (and never overdraw) your wisdom bank.
  • how to avoid common mistakes associated with taking shortcuts to success.
  • how to take progressive steps to grow you ability to balance receiving with giving.

It’s time to take steps to discover or enhance what you LOVE to do, yes?

After listening the show, in the comment box below, what do you anticipate learning in this class?


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7 replies on “Chapter 03 – Why Are You Worth It?”

I can honestly say that I love being a Social Worker. It has given me so many opportunities in my career. It is so powerful working with Hospice patients and their families. Priceless life lessons. I am ready though for the next step.

I enjoyed your little 30 minute informative talk very much! You did it in such a nice warm inviting voice, it made me smile often throughout the broadcast!
I am anticipating in Chapter 3 that I will be learning how to take the progressive steps to grow my ability to balance receiving with giving, maybe it will actually help me realize more of my self-worth which may give me the confidence to commit to something I love to do and get off the fence. Lol
I am also looking forward to learning more about filling and not depleting my worth bank. I know that in the past I have made many comments, even though in jest, that took away from that worth bank, so I am looking forward to learning better how to balance that out.

Aloha Cheryl, fascinating how balance provides an ability to take in ever-changing perspectives with more ease and wonder – yes? Combine the art of balance with the curiosity of the explorer (versus the judgment of an analyzer) and we have an intoxicating mixture of magic and potential. True?

Samantha and I listened to the presentation. I noticed that she was waging her tail different when she heard the presentation. I also enjoyed it and if I still had a tail I would probably wag it also. I appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow.

I am ready to explore how my experience in life has been my teacher, the teacher of what I DON”T want. That way I will be able to Unlock What I DO WANT! I love following my bliss. To do it, I must be willing to pay attention to my results… “Am I getting paid what I am worth while doing what I love?” If not, then now is my time to explore what’s working and what’s not so I can discover how to bring the compensation to my passion.

Thank you. This show was enlightening. Life is full of paradoxes. Life is uncertain and unpredictable, always ever changing. As I listened I could see my life experiences and my wisdom bank full of these paradoxes about my life and letting go of the some old beliefs to explore some new ones. It really helps to understand worth in a whole different perspective.

Exercise 11 of Chapter 3 – I am Path B: I like what I do, but would rather do what I love to do.” Though I am very grateful at present to have a good and secure job working for New York State. Having my job with the State of New York has afforded me my beautiful 1 bedroom apartment and to be able to take care of my three beloved pets that share this apartment with me.

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