Chapter 04 – Exercise 13: My Worth Timeline®

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checklistWhen you first read Exercise 13: My Worth Timeline®, what were your initial feelings about this exercise?

Did you feel excited?  Overwhelmed?  Worried? Anxious?

Dare to share some insights in the comment box below?

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7 replies on “Chapter 04 – Exercise 13: My Worth Timeline®”

Wow a worth timeline makes me a little nervous. I know for a fact that I am going to see how many times I did not find that I had worth and discounted myself for what I thought I needed to do to make others happy. What I hope to see is that the timeline of the recent and the here and now will be much more positive as I find my worth

The insights gained from this adventure is well worth the time and effort – based on results witnessed for almost a decade now. It’s also fun to polish the crystal ball a bit too! (The second part of the exercise asks you to put on your forecaster’s hat!)

I feel D (All of the above)! I am sure it will be a visual representation of my head first dive into the sand. I didn’t have the tools to navigate the flood of emotions (pain, disappointment, and resentment) that I felt. So, I became blind to me and shut off my light. Wow, if I knew then what I know now…

A gentle reminder to remember you’re an explorer on this journey. This explorer is free from doubt, guilt, shame and worry to allow her to see all sans pain or suffering 😉 (I know! I know! Easier said than done! I know. Been there. Got and BURNED the t-shirt already!) 🙂

My initial feelings upon learning we were going to be making a time line was that it would be fun. Ha,ha, then as I got into it a little and started thinking about the finance part of it, my self worth took a dive off the deep end. Seeing all that money that went somewhere and looking at years I didn’t contribute much financially, did not help my worth bank! Lol. I know… this exploration is supposed to be free of doubt, guilt, shame and worry… but sometimes they sneak in! BACK, I say! Back! Be off with you! :-). Lol

Cheryl, why do I have the suspicion that during those times where you found yourself lacking in financial contributions, you more than made-up that lack in creativity, delicious food, ready shoulder to lean / cry on, gifts of perspectives, love-stuffed quilts, n’ more. Hmmm? Just WHY do I have that suspicion?

I have been going through my Worth Timeline a lot in my head. It has not yet been written down on paper. I have been both excited and worried. I have a lot of history to cover. I have been worried because I had a lot of trials and hardships in my life probably for the past 30 years, WOW. I am excited now because I have the faith to believe that things are starting to get better. I have felt this since around October of 2015. It can only get better from here. I get so many letters from Saint Matthew’s Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma saying how they sense in the spirit that the Divine is telling them that financially, physically, mentally and emotionally that life is going to get better for me. I believe that I have so much more to look forward to today and for the second half of my life. I have grown in wisdom and so much more spiritually as well. I feel so much closer to the Divine source of my being.

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