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multiple-passportsAfter completing Exercise 14: Worth Passport Page 4, what’s the biggest ah-ha gained from your fourth page of your Worth Passport?

After posting your comment(s) in the comment box below, check out other people’s ah-ha’s.  Did someone else’s ah-ha trigger more ah-ha’s for you?

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I have had so many Ah ha s as they say. The timeline and chap 4 helped me to realize that the present is what I am.
I am not my past and the future is a dream. To live a happy life is the goal of this lifetime at this moment. I am already living a happy life !

SWEET Rik! Mahalo for being the FIRST PERSON to share your wisdom in this thread! Imagine how much different our world will become as more folks live happier lives! Thus, goal 2 in my welcome message within the first few pages of our workbook – is a goal you’ve reached! Once again . . . SWEET! To reach this goal, you completed a TON of hard work. In gratitude I bow to you for doing that work!

Something that I was re-awakened to with the timeline assignment was the fact that what we focus on brings us what we want, whether it is good or bad. The times in my life that I was most creative and doing the things that I love, were also some of the happiest, most productive times in my life. Yes, thoughts are things so we need to keep them positive and focus on the good in everything!

“Thoughts are things….” Bingo – that they are. The more awake and aware I allow myself to ripen into, the more I release the need to think and increase the ability to feel. As I allow my intuition to season my feelings, the more magical each day becomes! Mahalo Cheryl for sharing some powerful insights on lessons from cycles!

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