Chapter 04 – Study Group Questions: When Are You Worth It?


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Reading retention tip: review the following questions BEFORE reading this chapter. Use your journal to capture answers while you read.

  1. Which seems more important to you: time or money?
  2. Do you believe ONE person can change this world? If so, how? If not, why not?
  3. What dreams came to mind as you thought about the next decade?
  4. After completing your Worth Timeline, what surprised you the most?
  5. What do you think about planning to be lucky?

In the comment box below, feel free to post a thought or two on what you sense you’ll learn from this class.  After we complete this class, use the Reply link in your original comment to reflect on what you thought you’d learn with what you actually learned.


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9 replies on “Chapter 04 – Study Group Questions: When Are You Worth It?”

2.Do you believe ONE person can change this world? If so, how? If not, why not?

I hold the faith that one person can absolutely change the world. Look at Mother Theresa, the Dahlia Llama, etc. Finding your passion and allowing yourself to use your skills to make change possible is so valuable not only to you but to all around you. If you can make a change in your immediate environment keep paying it forward. The trickle effect will go on for a very long time.

I wonder what Chelsa would discover if she allowed all the amazing work she does, to ripple-back into her sense of direction, passion, worth. (I’ve no doubts Chelsa is ONE person actively CHANGING our world for the better!)

Yes 1 person can positively affect another person to change. I know how I have been changed by one person affecting me with such love and power just in their words. And I also love Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama for affecting wonderful massive changes in the world.

Fair to say, Marsha, Christina, Chelsa, by awakening to your fullest sense of worth, you become as potent of a change-agent as other ‘household names?’

As I think things over that we will be looking into and charting, I am anticipating some ah has in this chapter! Just from the work I have done so far on it I can see a routine forming. Up, down, up, down on finances, maybe some sabotage going on here!? Looking forward to working through this chapter and the info it unearths!

Ahh yes Cheryl, that ol reality roller-coaster ehh? As we discover what inspires the peaks as well as what invokes the valleys, we rediscover what we already have to enjoy a constant rise in all life aspects. As our sense of balance reset itself to high levels of receiving and giving, the universe unfolds right before us. True?

Yes, the universe has a special way of readjusting things that is for sure! Lol Muddling my way through here, but striving hard to make my way to the surface! I have to say that since starting this class my self worth has grown more than many of the years of my life!

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