Chapter 04 – When Are You Worth It?

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.
Seneca – Roman philosopher (mid-1st century AD)

Chapter Overview 

When Are You Worth It?
Reality check!
Time or Money?

Which is more lucky to have?

Do you have to choose between these two? While it’s true that history is our teacher, the question is, how much have you paid to learn the lessons you’ve learned.

In this class, we tap into two of the most powerful tools we have: perspective and planning.

By the end of this class, you’ll see:

  • how to identify reoccurring themes from major life events.
  • ways to engage themes to your benefit.
  • what you can do to dissolve barriers to success.
  • how to enjoy more luck with ease and grace.
  • where to apply more (or less) time or effort to experience success on many levels.

Life is short. Time is one gift worth spending wisely.  Time now to enjoy – more fully than ever before – every minute you have.

As we begin our journey into exploring time, in the comment box below, jot down a couple things you hope to learn from this adventure.

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12 replies on “Chapter 04 – When Are You Worth It?”

I hope to shine a bright spotlight on some of the repeat themes I’ve made excuses for or bury my head in the sand to. The ones I’m quite aware of, I hope to stamp out the source, forgive, and establish healthy response to.

Discovering our life themes (chorus lines) is one of the most powerful awakening acts I know. To be mindful of the songs I sing when faced with strong emotions provides insights on how to upgrade (update) the verse(s) – versus -use of will-power to stamp-out old ways of singing. Forgiveness is my pen, integration is my paper, compassion is my key!

Time or Money are great ways to look at your life. For me I would say that time is more important at this stage of my life. Becoming an older woman you start to look at your life and all the things you wish you had done and how much time you might have to do them now. At almost 55 I see people my age and younger who are dying or have catastrophic illnesses. It makes me feel the blessing that my life and health has been. I have been very fortunate to not have had a major illness in my lifetime. I have strived for success for so many years. I feel that I am and have been successful with my Social Work career. Now it is time to look at how I can add joy to my life in different areas. My repeated themes have been difficult to manage and get past.

Good lawd this chapter of getting to know me has started off with a bang! I’m finding that i don’t have a lot of these records to refer to. I suspect because that enabled me to keep my head in the sand eh?

Remember to trust your gutstimates (gut estimates). The perfectionist, critic and controller are already gnawing at cha! Tell them you’ve got time for them on the SECOND TUESDAY of next week! (If there’s ever TWO TUESDAYS in ONE week, I’m in trouble!)

That’s what I have to do is gutstimates. On our timelines we just need to see that pattern and although it would be easier with exact records, I have to allow memory to serve me. Thank goodness, the birth of my children and raising them helped me to remember when and what I was doing.

Just talking and going over our time together we noticed a real trend in our income. Many times we have gone from very little to a big amount arriving right when we need it. We have not filled out the time line enough yet to explore to see if there are clues to the reason this happens! Yes, I am getting quite tired of fear and fear based decisions. The old chaos committee got me the other day wreaking havoc with my worth. Now I see why our self-worth is brought up in chapters 1 through 3 because 4 can really give you a wallup! Lol

Yup! When the internal analyzer kicks-in full force to serve up a hearty buffet of doubt, guilt, shame and worry for our Judge, Perfectionist, Controller, Critic (n’ such) to dine from, worth decay turns into worth rot – quickly. All the more incentive to remind our explorer there’s ALWAYS more to every story – true?

Yes, very true. Always more than one side of a story. Lol but when one of the committee is already in the room they tend to have a pretty tight hold on that closed door! Once recognized for what they are though they fade into the background faster.

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