Chapter 05 – Exercise 16: Sort, Update & Master


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After completing Exercise 16: Sort, Update & Master, share some reflections in the comment box below about:

  • the new stuff you learned about yourself
  • the old stuff (information you’ve heard / read before)
  • one primary challenge you faced as you completed this exercise.


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2 replies on “Chapter 05 – Exercise 16: Sort, Update & Master”

I call this exercise the box revamping exercise, just my term for it. Organizing and sorting is not my favorite thing to do here since I have moved so many times and so many places throughout my life. It got to the point where I decided I needed one bag only for important paperwork, such as my birth certificate and citizenship. Some people may think this is crazy but I learned to always have a bag partly pre-packed in case someone says to me, “Hey, would you like to take a trip?” I am always ready at the spur of the moment to go!! Having moved many times in my life, I had lost contact with friends that I hope some day I will find them again. They bring into mind some very warm memories. I know people who have lived their whole life in the same place they grew up as a child and they know where all their friends are and still keep in contact with them or at the very least know where their friends are living now. I have often wondered what that must feel like to have childhood friends that still go out together or still write to each other. I feel that is one of the reasons I love networking because I make new friends as I go and can stay connected with them wherever I go or am.

Now as for my religious, spiritual, political and social box…I grew up around politics and diplomacy, though I do not to this day like it, though I know it is a necessary component. I honestly feel that it does not interest me or inspire me. I did, however, have a wonderful experience in Japan with being around the embassy and meeting other children of diplomats. Diplomacy inspires me more that politics in general. Now religious and spiritual is something I am very much interested in exploring. As a young girl I was always fascinated with religions and spirituality even though my parents really never talked about it, except to make sure I got to mass every week and had my catechism classes. I explored all kinds of religions and honestly I was so young then that I did not even understand what I was reading. All I knew was that it was different and made me wonder. I was always fascinated with the unknown, the invisible world around us.

After sorting and sifting for this exercise I realize everything I have is me and makes up me. Most of my possessions are crafting items and ingredients for projects, that’s who I am and what I love to do. The things that draw that wonderful creative energy out of me into existence. This gave me a good feeling, knowing that I was sharing my gifts with the world.
I also saw that throughout my life I have been a responsible person that others would enjoy having as a friend even after 50 years. This gave me a good feeling as I know how many others have passed under the bridge.

I am still working on the mastering part of the exercise. As in the rest of my life I feel there is always more I can learn, although I always do everything to the best of my ability in an attempt to master each thing.

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