Chapter 05 – Exercise 18: Start Now


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After completing Exercise 18: Start Now, how has your perspective on time changed?  Has your use of procrastination changed?  Are you more or less likely to fall victim to doubt, guilt, shame or worry after reviewing your worth timeline?

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Exercise 18: Start Now!

So many things happened in my life that cause me to seek and find change at the age of 45. I just pretty much got sick and tired of being sick and tired. I got tired of defending myself all the time. I think back and seem to fight all the time for respect of my time. I remember fighting for time to finish a task, time to be with my family (especially when my youngest daughter was born). I remember dropping her off at the daycare for the first time and walking away to go to my job. I had this horrible feeling that I was going the wrong way. I felt the need to do an aboutface (hope I spelled that right) and get my daughter and go home. I obviously didn’t do it, because I had to pay bills, but I started to come up with a plan and start my own home based business. Starting my own home based business lead me to the same things that was going on in my job (no leadership) and it was disheartening and depressing. So once again I got sick and tired of being sick and tired, and realized that I’ve spent years waiting on someone to help me. So I decided to take ownership of my business. I kept thinking about being home with my daughter, and how much I hated my job. I knew the anxiety that I was going through was work related and I had to do something about it. So I searched online and found someone who teaches entrepreneurs how to market online. The resources were awesome and I started learning and putting the pieces of the puzzle together. He even gave me his own personal tips and taught me how to use the internet to my advantage (things that weren’t in the training). It’s amazing how out of 26 years of working with hundreds of people, I have never come across the leadership that I have received in the last two years of taking charge of my life, my career!

The traits that were shown to me was trustworthy and caring. I was engaged with people who actually want to help others which motivated me and inspired me deeply. I realized that most of my planning involved studying. I was always the student, not the teacher. I look back now and see many opportunities for growth, and I passed on it because of resistance, fear and lack of communication). I have definately learned from this experience. I will always remain a student (learning something new everyday), but the difference is I will also teach what I learned. It is quite a different experience and I’m very proud to take on this challenge. You now see my work in my videos and blog. I realize that everything new may cause resistance and fear for me, but I believe I am much stronger mentally and emotionally to overcome it. I have accepted my wrong. I looked myself in the mirror and apologized to myself (no more guilt, shame and worry). I am not looking back at the mistakes I’ve made. Today at this moment I am very proud of myself, and I choose to stay in this moment for the rest of the evening.

I look forward to exercise 19 on S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Goals

Has your use of procrastination changed? I dont even know how to spell prowhat ever I had to paste it. I will call it when I am un inspired to do something. Most of the time I am looking for inspiration with-in. For the correct moment the opening the gateway the way out of the tube!

Are you more or less likely to fall victim to doubt, guilt, shame or worry after reviewing your worth timeline. No these are also words I have never used in my vocabulary.

How has your perspective on time changed.? It hasn’t yet. I have never wore a watch I dont care what day it is or who society thinks they are honoring. The present is all that their is. I have learned from charting my past but I am not dwelling there as the present is all that their is. I focus on now and happy. Enlightenment? is for those who claim it.

I am feeling that my biggest successes in life so far were not hitting my children. As I was disciplined in that manor. Knowing that striking and lying to a child is very counter productive as a spirit.

I think all that I have had in life is success.

All that I have chosen to experience in this life has been a success.

Oh Yeah What about that time you wiped out on that wave and almost died?

I am a vibrational being that knows their is only success in life.

My vibrational essence is eternal I choose how why what and where.

My perspective on time has changed in that I feel now, that everything is the moment, the “now”. I realize that there really is no past and there is no use holding on to negative thoughts from those memories. The only way they can come get me is if I keep bringing them up through doubt, guilt, shame and worry! So living more in the moment and dropping all those things makes it much easier to stay happy and positive. If everyday we can be happy all of our tomorrows will attract the same thing which becomes our now.

I find that without doubt, guilt, shame and worry I don’t have many other reasons to procrastinate! If I drop these not so friendly fellows there are no stumbling blocks to get caught on, why procrastinate, just do it! But if I do find myself procrastinating on something now, I look for the reason in one of those areas. 🙂

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