Chapter 05 – Exercise 20: Worth Passport® Page 5


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multiple-passportsTo prepare for Exercise 20: Worth Passport® Page 5, take a moment to listen to this guided meditation / journey.

Care to share a couple highlights from your fifth page of your Worth Passport?

Cut / paste a couple key insights into the comment box below.  And remember, use the Reply link to share –  support with / insights on – other comments.

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Music: Clean Soul, Ambiment and Aretes by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

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A snippet of my Worth Passport page 5….
The first four chapters gave me a sort of worth that I could see, such as on the timeline or looking at the items that we went through. But somewhere along the line, in between Chapter 4 and finishing up 5 there has been a certain growth within me. I seem to feel exhilarated and energetic, having a silly grin on face all the time. There is a balanced, calm feeling within me even though I am feeling more exuberant. I can see growth in my physical world and now feel the difference within myself also. 😀

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