Chapter 05 – Study Group Questions


How Worth Grows

Reading retention tip: review the following questions BEFORE reading this chapter. Use your journal to capture answers while you read.

  1. What do you do to inspire hope in yourself or others?
  2. Share your tips or tricks to keep timely, accurate notes on each person in your address book.
  3. Share a story about one significant person who makes a fundamental difference in your daily life as well as what you do to honor this person.
  4. Brainstorm ways to gracefully but steadily enhance relationships that help you and dissolve relationships that harm you.

Which question above would you like to comment on (in the comment box below)?

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3 replies on “Chapter 05 – Study Group Questions”

To inspire hope in people I always try to be as positive as possible and point out skills that the person has that I admire. As I speak of their accomplishments they can see I genuinely care, which usually makes them feel better. Just knowing that someone else cares means a lot sometimes!

I remember one time while wearing the hat of senior project manager on a massive project. I noticed that sincere pats-on-the-back (actual pats, handshakes, hugs – for those who felt comfortable with em) inspired folks to press on to meet deadlines – MORE – than an offer of double or even triple pay. We also passed around three trophies each week. 1) most accomplished; 2) biggest blunder and 3) most kind. The most kind trophy seemed to be the most prized trophy of em all!

I am being like this most of my life. Working on better understanding of myself and plenty of house cleaning. I seldom contact people in search of anything. I am focused on building KI or Chi. The life force if you will. karatedo or Kung Fu by my definition is having an awareness that everyday movements, breathing and your focus is building your life force.

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